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On Tuesday morning, March 5, 00, the Paleontology class set off for Chicago’s Field Museum. James Holstein a Preparator of Fossil Vertebrates in the Department of Geology of the Field Museum, led our tour. He showed us what happens behind the scenes to create all the exhibits. For example, there were several archeologists working on bags of collected sediment. This particular job was very time-consuming and as he noted this, a scientist showed us a single set of teeth�the results of two hours of delicate searching. Others worked on larger fossils, such as fish, as we watched. Using different tools, they chipped, brushed, and air blasted at the surrounding rocks to carefully uncover the hidden, fossilized remains. Jim explained that there are four methods curators use to prepare fossils pin vising, air scribing, air abrasion, and acid rinsing.

On May 17, 000 The Field Museum unveiled Sue, the largest, most complete, and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex fossil yet discovered.

We also visited a work room in the geology department. This room held a large table, with tools and air ducts scattered all around. There were many tools and shelves and such to keep everything handy to the workers. This is where large items are molded, casted, and dried. At the time of our visit, a mold from Wisconsin was being duplicated. The third cast of this giant sea turtle was drying on the table. It was great to see the “safety” the scientists used in storing acid in large tupperware trash bins and such. A smaller room adjoining it housed the hoods to vent dolomite dust which gets blown off of fossils at high pressures in a technique called ‘air abrasion’.

The time I spent in the museum was mostly in the Life Over Time exhibit and Elizabeth Morse Dinosaur Hall. I loved the trilobites and muscospirifer of that I learned about in Paleontology. It was most enjoyable to see the larger specimens like Captorhiun aguti, Cacops aspidephorus, and Varanops brairostro. These three were on display together as a -D cladogram. They were used to show the different specimens that are thought to have come out of each. For instance, Captorhiun (70 million, Permian) carried many of the traits of older dinosaurs. These skeletons were interesting to me since they were not so BIG and DIFFERENT than moder day, large reptiles.

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The time at the Field museum was useful and beneficial to my learning experience of the Paleontological world. The wide range of fossils that were presented really opened my eyes to the diversity of the fossil record. I had never been behind the doors of a museum, and find the work of the scientist there to be fascinating. This was a great experience, and I am very glad Dr. Max Reams made the effort to extend this opportunity to his students.

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