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Evaluation 1

My understanding of a ‘Greenhouse Gas’ is a gas that is present in the atmosphere that acts as an insulator to the earth, trapping reradiating heat close to the earth’s surface. It is a gas that acts much like a greenhouse in its ability to trap heat, hence the name.

“The increasing concentration of carbon dioxide has been closely monitored. The blame for this has most commonly been attributed to the human activities on earth.”

No easy answer written by James Randerson does explore CO emissions as a consequence of human activity, however, his article additionally identifies natural sources from which CO is produced. The main purpose of the article is to inform readers that despite the popular view that the increased plantation of trees will decrease the concerning levels of CO present in our atmosphere, it is predicted that “the trees will only absorb 10 per cent of human-generated CO”. Although it is obvious that the world may need to find a way in which to absorb the troubling levels of CO, Randerson continues to explain that “eventually you have to deal with the root cause” as stated by Peter Cox from Britain’s Meteorological Office. Two of these root causes, as pointed out by Randerson, do not source from human activities, but rather forest fires and anaerobic respiration. He explains that “As CO levels rise, the atmosphere will warm, causing more fires in forests and releasing more carbon.” This natural warming causes forest fires to spark and through this combustion, CO is released as shown by the following equation

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Additionally Randerson explains that “the breakdown of leaf litter is already releasing large amounts of carbon in the rivers and wetlands of the Amazon rainforest.” By this statement Randerson is offering the point of view that anaerobic respiration, the decay of plant matter is also producing increased levels of CO.

- anaerobic respiration of plants

As the world strives to plant more trees, more plant matter results and hence more decay, perhaps seen as exacerbating the current CO emission scenario. It is in these two ways that Randerson offers an alternative point of view to the common belief that human activity is mostly to blame.

Randerson argues that CO emissions cannot solely be attributed to human activities by presenting a converse example. Although his argument slightly alters my previous perspective that human activity was entirely to blame for the concerning global warming, I continue to strongly believe that it is human activity that has contributed mainly to the increasing concentration of CO. This article hence only influences my opinion to a small extent, as a large portion of the article attributes the increasing levels of CO to human activities and only partially discusses the natural sources from which it derives.

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