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Plot Details This opinion reveals minor details about the movies plot.

This movie looked interesting in the previews and trailers and so I decided to see what it was all about. I sat down in the theater without knowing much of what to expect.


Well, the story isnt really the main focus of the movie anyway. Its more of a movie for some laughs, action, eye candy, and seeing characters of novels become superheros on screen. So dont expect some great story to unfold before your eyes. Its suprisingly a meat & potatos plot. Bad guy wants to take over the world. A bunch of good guys get together to stop him. Not much in the story department, just the overly standard plot of a superhero movie.

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Pretty good! Sure its no technological breakthrough like a Jurassic Park, Star Wars, or Matrix movie, but the effects are still very fluent and keeping up with the current technology. I must say this is the main thing people came to see for this movie. The effects are plain fun to watch. We get to see an invincible man, a guy get shot up and have dust come out of his wounds and than heal, and we even get Draculas bride turn into a bunch of bats and swarm enemies. Of course there are many more such as Mr. Hyde who is like the Hulk. Overall, I think the special effects were very impressive though sometimes not as realistic as the best special effects movies out today. But dont get me wrong, the effects rock!


There are so many...where do I start? First of all, the characters are all based on novel characeters of old books from like the 17th century. The most known is Dr. Jeckle/Mr. Hyde. Except there is a twist. Instead of just becoming evil, he becomes a different version of the Incredible Hulk. Big, very bulky, and strangly enough has regular size legs. This character si constantly struggling with himself because of his two characters. But since Dr. Jeckel is so useless if hes no bulky and strong, Mr. Hyde later becomes just as good as Dr. Jeckel. Kind of messed up the whole point of the scenerio!

There is also some guy who is immortal and can only die if he sees his painting. He gets stabed and shot at, but he walks around the fighting area with no fear or flintch, which makes him quite a cool character to watch. When he does get hurt, some wierd black sand pours out of his wounds. Hes my favorite character in the movie.

Draculas Bride is also in this league. Though not an extraordinary gentlemen. Shes the only woman in the group and she distracts some of the male heros at times for obvious reasons. She has a really cool ability to turn into hundreds of bats while keeping most of her original form but vampire looking. This lets her swarm people and also suck them of blood. Shes immortal as well and doesnt flitch much to wounds. Her wounds heal pretty fast.

Sawyer is an obvious character that we should all know. Based of Mark Twains Tom Sawyer, you really wont see too much resemblence besides him being the only American. He isnt a kid like in the book, more like in his 0s. He shoots guns off a lot to get his job done.

Sean Connery is the main character who acts as an old man who has extraordinary aim with the gun. He also fights very well. Though he is the main character, all the characters become equally as important towards the end of the movie.

Captain Nemo is an Indian guy who is very important to the group and the most useful, supplying-wise. He supplies the group with transportation. The Nautlis, which is a submarine/metal ship which is very equipped to travel the seas. He also supplies a car, which is unseen to everybody at the time the story is taken place. In 18. Captain Nemo is also the best hand to hand combat fighter. This was obvious when we get to see him fight a group of guys with extreme ease. He fights like some guy in a Asian Action movie would, except Indian.

The invincible man is the comedic character in the movie, though all characters each have jokes to share with the audience. But the invincible man is always being funny. The effects for him are great when computerized, but the weak transitions of computerized to makeup were weak. The computer showed the smooth white paint the invincible man out on his face to show himself. However, to save some money inproductions, they simply put some white makeup on the actor to pass off. The differences were too drastic in my opinion and it was distracting when you have to go,How fake! during the movie.


Overall, I have to say this is simply a movie you see to have a good time. I had a good time watching this movie. However, this isnt a movie where you expect some great and wonderful movie that has it all story, effects, plot, etc. Like I said before, not much story here. Id compare my experience watching the movie to when I saw The Mummy Returns.

I loved the mood and theme of the movie. The whole 18 feel with the characters from old novels in an England setting like Paris or London. However, I think thr whole 18 thing was faked since they wanted it to feel like the 1800s but knew it would be more accurate to make it in the 100s, so what did they do? Say it was 18! Just like how you buy something for $. because it seems cheaper than $10. Whatever.

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