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Slavery is a societal institution based on ownership, dominance, and exploitation

of one human being by another. Between the years of 1607-1775, slavery in the southern

colonies underwent tremendous growth. There were many social, economical, and geographical factors that caused the rapid growth. People in the south wanted an easy way to make money and slavery was their answer.

Geographically, the south is basically made up of farmland. In the south there is a warm climate, flat land, and longer growing seasons which make agriculture a big part of the south. In 1607 Jamestown was founded. Settlers came in hope of finding gold and trading with the Indians. However not much gold was found and Jamestown became a poor area. Times were bad and the southerners needed an easy way out. Doing all the work was too hard and the crops were not ready to be sold by the end of the harvest season. However if owners had to pay farmers to farm the land then the profit would be small because they would take a lot of income but have to pay the workers. This caused a high demand for slaves. Southern farm workers figured if they could force people to work on the farm for free then all the income would turn into profit. Slaves would not be needed if there was no farmland in the south.

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There were also social factors that lead to the growth of slavery from 1607 to 1775. The southerners didn’t want religious freedom for everyone. They wanted everyone to practice the same religion. Because the African Americans were different in skin color and religious belief many southerners wanted to use them as slaves to see them suffer. Many colonists also wanted to see the new continent prosper so there was a need for a large labor force. The colonists originally looked to make the Indians their slaves but the white man’s disease and the knowledge of the land kept them away. The European governments of almost all the colonies encouraged slavery so that way the mother country would make a bigger profit. But the biggest factor of the growth of slaves was the economy.

People from Europe who traveled to the new world were generally poor. They barely had any money or food. They were in search for a way to make life easy and get rich quick. Many Americans wanted the new country to make money quick and become a strong independent nation. This was before the agricultural revolution so there were no machines. Everything had to be done my man.

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