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In order to learn more about the current government, laws, and society of the western world, it is vital that we study the past of the western civilization. I am looking forward to developing a better understanding of the birth and early growth of our civilization in this Western Heritage course. By learning about ancient cultures and their development, it will allow me to more fully understand the cultures that exist today. Foreign languages and cultures are extremely interesting, and I hope that this class will explore the history of the cultures that intrigue me. In addition to learning about the past of the western civilization, I am interested in acquiring the skills needed to read critically and write analytically on various topics covered in this course.

Outside of the Western Heritage class, I am very eager to better myself academically and personally during my four years at Hillsdale College. The ideals that Hillsdale College embodies, those of liberty, freedom, and individual responsibility, are ideals that I hope to embrace and integrate into my life everyday. Concerning my academic development, I would like to hone my reading and writing skills. It would be great if I was able to present a well-informed and meaningful understanding of a vast array of topics in conversation. It is also a goal of mine to become more open minded and accepting of ideas that I do not agree with. Beyond my scholastic ambitions, I would like to mature emotionally and spiritually by developing a better understanding of myself and my relationship with God. In addition to this, I want to be more objective and a little less judgmental when confronted with unfamiliar situations and individuals. By the time I graduate from Hillsdale College, I want to have a solid set of beliefs that I can live for and be true to for the rest of my life.

After Hillsdale, I am planning on attending graduate school and building a successful career. From a very young age, I have been interested in art, design, and travel, and my career will hopefully include all of these interests. To be able to travel around the world, exploring hundreds of cultures and sharing the beauty of their artistic achievements with others, is a dream I strive to fulfill. It is amazing that every culture has at least one type of artistic expression. Art is truly a universal language.

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Establishing a career is important to me, yet I am also very interested in devoting time to those who are less fortunate than myself. Serving others is an important aspect of a positive life, and in doing so, you can gain a greater understanding of yourself. Everyone has a specific purpose to fulfill, and I believe that part of that purpose, for every individual on this earth, is to help others in any way that he or she can.

Most importantly, I want to build lasting and meaningful relationships in my life. Having a successful career and being an active participant in community service are both rewarding feats, but being a good wife and mother is a wonderful and difficult achievement that surpasses them both. Every man and woman ultimately strives to love and be loved. When you create a loving family you have accomplished one of the most valuable goals that exists in life. After Western Heritage, Hillsdale, the building of my career and my family, I would like to be remembered as a caring and genuine person that persevered to achieve my goals and touched each person that I built a relationship with in a special way.

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