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Stress can be an overwhelming feeling. It has the power to make paupers out of kings and kings out of paupers. College Pressures is an article written by William Zinsser. In the article Zinsser points out the different kinds of pressures faced by today’s college students as they pursue an education. No matter what profession that is chosen by the students they all seem to have these pressures in common. These pressures although different in definition are linked in many ways.

One of the most common types of pressure seen today is parental pressure. Parents often want to see their children succeed where they did not. At the least, parents want the absolute best for their child. Parental pressure can be a good thing, but it can also lead to the parents pushing the child too hard. Sometimes parents may even be pushing the child in the wrong direction. They may push the child to pursue an education in medicine when the child wants to be an actor. Now the child must choose between doing as their parents wish, or pursuing a career that interests them and letting their parents down.

Peer pressure is the stress that stems from students peers. The students constantly worry about if the next student is smarter than they are. So in turn they work themselves harder to compensate for, what they think is, the lack of intelligence on their part. Zinsser points out that one of his deans told him a story in which a students comes and says she is under terrible pressure because her roommate was much brighter and studied all the time. So to balance out that her roommate is smarter than her she studies even harder. It turns out that this young lady’s roommate had been in the see the same dean to complain about the same things an hour earlier. There is nothing wrong with healthy competition between peers, but students who try to out do other students can have a negative affect also. Zinsser addresses how more and more students are overdoing assignments given to them in an effort to give them an edge. Overachievers are constantly raising the standard, and the students who simply do the assignment as it was given are looked upon as slackers.

There is another kind of pressure has become more prevalent as the years have gone on. Students now face more economic pressures than ever before. First they have to figure out how they will pay the ever-increasing tuitions costs of education. A few years back there were plenty of jobs for a college graduate. Now that the job place is flooded with graduates looking for work, those jobs that were once considered an achievement have become commonplace. There are so many new lawyers and doctors trying to find work that it has become, more so, who you know instead of what you know. Once a job is found then the new graduate must face the fact that they may not be making as much money as they once thought.

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If a student deals with the before mentioned pressures in a non-productive way it can lead to added self-induced pressure. In many ways the technique that self-induced stress is dealt with can either amplify or reduce the effect that other pressures have on someone. Setting unrealistic goals are one way students can set them selves up for failure. If those goals are not met, the student could fall into a depression and that in turn can increase the pressure they put on themselves. One the other hand, if a student takes the time to organize and manage time when faced with problems then the self-induced pressure is decreased. With the self-induced pressure at a minimum it is easier to deal with other pressures as they come along.

All of the before mentioned pressures that students face are intertwined with one another. Even though they can seem to envelop the students from time to time, they are far from unbeatable. Even through just the having experienced these obstacles the students can learn the skills needed to make them into flexible members of society. After all, very rarely does life follow the original plan.

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