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My Favorite Vacation

Life, no matter the stage in it, is always stressful. Sometimes we all need to just drop everything and get away for awhile. Without those vacations we would never be able to make it through. I have been on many vacations throughout my life. I have enjoyed each and every one of them; however, some more than others. For instance, last summer I was able to vacation in Ostia Antica and Rome, Italy. Of all the places that I have been, Italy has been my favorite because it opened me up to another culture, it was so scenic, and it was full of history.

Last summer was the first time that I had ever been outside of the United States. I had read about Europeans and their culture, but the best way to learn about it was to experience it first hand. I had the opportunity to walk among them on their city streets and view their culture. I got to eat in their restaurants and taste authentic Italian food. It was far superior to our “Italian” food. By talking with some of the locals, I learned of how some of the European community feels about North Americans. Although I did enjoy most of my exposure to their culture, I could have definitely done without their lack of hygiene.

Although their food was delicious, it was the scenic landscapes that really won me over. While in Rome, I went to Ostia Antica, which is an ancient city whose remains have been dug out. All the buildings and walls were made of old hand made bricks and carved stone. There was green, lush vegetation growing and draping over the walls. I felt like I was in heaven. I could look out on the Mediterranean Sea and see the most incredible and breathtaking sunset. And there were so many amazing and detailed statues and fountains spread all though the city.

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As if the beauty of the land was not enough, every square inch was overflowing with stories from the past. I love reading history books, and being in Italy brought all of the places I had read about to life. It was unbelievable to find myself actually standing in the dirt floor of the Coliseum, where centuries before, so many had been slain. It brought tears to my eyes when I walked through the cold, dark halls of the Catacombs, where the early church hid from their persecutors. Being in all of those places made the reality of all the stories I had heard evident in my mind.

My vacation last summer to Italy really opened me up to another culture, showed me more of God’s beautiful creation, and brought to life all the history stories that had intrigued me. It was probably the best two weeks of my life. I am so thankful I was able to go; because actually being there taught me more than I could ever read in a book.

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