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“ A boy courageous enough to stand against the moral conventions of his society, to risk hell itself rather than conform to the ‘sivilizing’ process of communities he rejects” ( Bollinger.online. /5/0). Mark Twain created Huckleberry Finn’s character to display the effects of society on moral development and compare an abstract moral standard versus a relationship-based decision making process. Like Huck Finn, Holden Caulfield is constantly battling with the ever-growing idea of having to grow up and the moral growth that comes along with it. Holden attempts to remain irresponsible and blameless all at the same time when in fact this is impossible. Lawrence Kohlberg, a famous psychologist particularly esteemed for his research in moral development, developed three major stages of morality preconventional, conventional, and postconventional. Both Huck Finn and Holden Caulfield can be put into one of these three categories based on their abilities to believe, understand, and execute a universal principle of right and wrong.

Kohlberg would classify Huck as being preconventional because of the absence of “abstract moral reasoning”. The preconventional stage is recognized as being the stage in which concrete consequences control the action and decisions of the child; however, Huck does not completely fit the prototype because he doesn’t always react on a universally known sense of right and wrong. Instead, Huck bases his decisions on and through his commitment to friends. The main point though that keeps him in the preconventional stage is his lack of abstract moral reasoning. This can best be defined as a conflict between two moral conflicts, with one having more priority than the other because of the nature of a specific moral principle itself.

The best example in the story relating to abstract moral reasoning is the scene when Tom gets shot. Huck cannot decide what to do because both of his friends were at stake. Tom’s health and Jim’s freedom were both in jeopardy causing Huck to go into a flat spin. It is not until Jim steps in and tells him to get a doctor that Huck can react to the situation because he needed the assurance to know that their friendship was not in danger.

Society also plays a huge role in the development of Huck’s moral being. Racism and prejudice was part of the ever day life in Mississippi during the time period. Huck grew up hearing every mean word and witnessing numerous attacks on slaves. He was taught to distrust them, disrespect them, and disgust them. However, as Huck begins to get to know Jim better he begins to question the basis of the accusations in society. He even begins to think of him as a human being. Society also plays a huge role in the idea of rationalization. Society in general has a reputation for making excuses for things that are wrong, but can be twisted around and made to be right. “Pap always said it warn’t no harm to borrow things, if you was meaning to pay them back, sometime” (Twain). This quote by Huck explains how he believes that what Pap told him was true and the right thing to do. Their actions (stealing) are beneficial only to themselves and therefore they continue stealing, but in order to have some satisfaction they attempt to justify the behavior.

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“Only an outsider can see with moral clarity in Huck’s world” (Bollinger. Online). The South of the 1840’s and 50’s were known for their intense hatred toward the black community and became desensitized to the whole idea of ethics. Blacks were not considered human and therefore received no rights. The quote above simply expresses the hypothesis that what is considered wrong can only be seen in that way from someone outside of this particular society. In other words, Huck’s moral failures and his inability to make the “right” choice would not be pointed out by a fellow Mississippian, but rather someone from a northern state. In this case, moral development would be looked on at two totally different levels.

Holden Caulfield would be considered by Kohlberg to be in the conventional stage. Being older than Huck and the location of maturation explains the higher level of moral development over Huck. In the conventional stage a person begins to recognize abstract moral reasoning. Holden is able to weigh out two conflicts based on his belief in the nature of the stronger moral principal. Although Holden did not always do the right thing, he was still able to know that it was wrong rather than simply rationalizing and making everything seem all right. Another reason that Holden falls into the conventional category is because of his tendency to be egocentric. Not only does he blame things on other people, he only sees things from his perspective. Kohlberg describes this as being typical in people in this stage because although they have an understanding of morals, they are still in a period of cognitive development that is known for its egocentric nature.

A great example of Holden’s ability to use abstract moral reasoning can be found in the scene with the prostitute. Holden has the choice to either pay for sex or just call the prostitute up and have a little talk. Holden likes to think he is old enough and mature enough to handle this, but he really just knows that if he went through with the act it would be wrong. Holden struggles with his conscience about what to do in the situation, but in the end he does the right thing. Unlike Huck, he has a universal sense of right and wrong.

Holden is also affected by his desire to never grow up. He is a big talker but a small fighter and tends to run away when responsibility creeps up on him. Holden consistently puts himself into situations that demand responsibility but then bails out and runs away again like a child.

Huck and Holden both experienced moral development on different paths but ultimately, although unexpectedly, Holden ends becoming the better person because he eventually chose to grow up and accept responsibility while Huck fell back into the stereotypes of the world. The reason for this major difference is based on the time period of childhood that each was portrayed in. It is possible to say that if Huck had been a few years older he might have been able to go against society and develop his own personal beliefs.

The comparison between Huck and Holden helped me understand the true effects of society on an individual. Desensitization can be masked and twisted around so much that after a few years in a society an entire personality and outlook on life can be changed. Comparing the two also helped to display the factors of age on moral development and especially the idea of abstract moral development. Today, many of these abstract morals include drugs, sex before marriage, and under aged consumption of alcohol. Each one is treated negatively by most and viewed as universal standards of right and wrong in today’s world. Clothing, movies, and many other influences also control our thoughts and standards for morals. Although the circumstances are not the same as in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Catcher in the Rye, society still has a tight grip around the neck of society and continues to influence the moral standards of both teens and adults all over the world.

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