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The Tradition

“The only thing that’s constant is Change”, a friend of mine said. Transition occurs all the time. Nothing is exempted from this rule, except of course, Change itself. The whole world, is having a difficult time accepting these many changes, especially we Filipinos. We tend to stick by the “Old Ways” and we often reject what is presented before us. Something new may prove too radical for us or simply we are just too stubborn to accept change. Yet, we cannot stop this process. Conceivably, the only logical thing for us to do is to accept what is coming. We have to learn that Change is inevitable.

There are two kinds of changes For the better, and for worse. However, we tend to be very judgmental when it comes to change. For example, women used to dress themselves in “poorly ventilated” garments that basically wrap their entire bodies. Nowadays, we (well, some of us) are used to seeing women in very “visually stimulating” clothing. Now, that’s change. However, most of us tend to judge women who wear these skimpy outfits as flirts, bitches, or whores. Now, the question is, why are we like that? Is there something wrong with them? Or is there something wrong with us? Who are we to judge what is right and what is wrong for them? Either we are very sensitive people or we are simply narrow-minded beings. I mean who are we to say that these persons are bitches, whores, or whatever? Is it because of the way they dress themselves up? Then maybe we have forgotten what we were all taught during our childhood days, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

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Lesbian relationships are something we often see these days. Yet, again we tend to judge them rather unfairly. Yes, it can’t be helped but don’t you think it would be better if we gave them the chance to prove their “love” for each other first before we even start thinking dastardly things about them? Lesbian relationships are usually a “No-No” in our homes especially to those whose parents stick to the “Old Ways”. Other nations of the world accept this kind of relationships. In fact, they have even legalized such things. Why can’t most Filipinos even tolerate these relationships? Hence, I guess the problem doesn’t lie on the situation itself but in our way of thinking.

In my point of view, lesbian relationships are just fine. If that’s what a person truly wants then I have no right to deprive her of her happiness. If a couple loves each other, then we have no right to interfere. Let them be. Like them, we are just human beings. We are all entitled to our own opinions and therefore we ourselves are the only ones who can say what is right and what is wrong for us. Nobody else, but ourselves.

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