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A tragic hero is a man who is, on the whole, good, but contributes to his own down fall by some moral weakness. Is Othello a tragic hero? Some critics argue he is a victim. Others see him as an egotist, made brutal through jealousy. What is your opinion?

Othello is mainly portrayed as a victim in this play because he is tricked into his own downfall by confiding his trust in someone else that betrays him. Othello is made a victim of racism in his community because of his darker coloured skin. Othellos pride is also affected because of the stories he is lead to believe and his self-confidence is also destroyed. Othello is also made a victim because of his lack of self-knowledge about the accusations that Iago throws at him.

When Othello places his trust in Iago because he thinks Iago is trustworthy because of his honest opinions, he is tricked into his own down fall. Iago misrepresents himself to be honest, I am not what I am, so that he is able to mislead and deceive many of the characters, particularly Othello. Othello is finally driven to kill himself and this makes him a victim of Iagos treachery.

In the day and age that Othello lives in, there are a lot of issues that deal with racism. Othello is made to feel like an outsider because of his dark coloured skin and this gives him low self-esteem. He tries to feel equal with the white people around him by looking after his reputation and working hard on his position. Racist quotes are used throughout the play that degrade Othello and make him feel lower than the white people that surround him. Even now, now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe! All the racism in Othellos world makes him feel like an outsider and the racial comments made make him a victim of discrimination.

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The pride and self-esteem of Othello is destroyed when Iago begins to feed the stories that Desdemona is having a love affair with Cassio. At the beginning of the play Othello thinks highly of himself and his achievements but when he hears the allegations of Desdemonas affair it hurts his pride as well as inflames his jealousy. Othellos wounded pride makes him feel as though he is to get his revenge on Desdemona because of her betrayal, thus making him a victim of the false accusations that Iago tells him and his jealousy also helps to contribute to his wounded pride.

The plots that Iago makes to get his revenge on Othello make Othello a victim because he places his trust in Iagos honesty because he has no self-knowledge of the allegations himself. Othellos lack of self-knowledge makes him easy prey for Iago. Once Iago inflames Othellos jealousy and gets the darker aspects of Othellos nature into action, there is nothing Othello can do to stop it, since he cannot even admit that he has these darker traits.

Overall, Othello is made a victim throughout the entire play because he is being misled and lied to by Iago. Racial comments directed towards Othello also make him a victim of discrimination. The plots Iago puts into play to get his revenge, destroy Othellos pride and self-esteem and contribute to Othellos downfall because he is lead to believe them because of his lack of his own self-knowledge.

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