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annotating is important cause it helps your attention on the texts language and leaves you with a record of the insights

reactions and questions

exploratory writting is designed to let all your ideas come out at one time not having to worry about grammer or such

reading for meaning the two ideas are start making meaning and if you are stuck find these two in the book and read a bout them

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note======= when i get the book read page 1 to 11 asap.


critical reading is when you put yourself in the authors place and try to understand what is being said and evaluate it

it differs cause you read for meaning and you read like a writter

it helps you write well by analizing and exploring and such


slow down=====reading for meaning=========additional strategies

slowing down allows you to focus on all the little points then go from there you have to slow down in order to obsorb the info

reading for meaning and reading like a writter find in the book and study it asap

additional st. are summerizing outlining and evualuating on pg 517


make meaning and annotating

use personal knowledge to make meaning so you can understand what is being said in the text


rhetoric is looking at the ways the writter decides to write his papers

when you read like a writter


genres are the different types of writtings there are such as autobiography and so on



event told through narration of sequence of actions

phase told through brief anecdotes

portrait of a person anecdotal



telling the story


deciding which actions to include

deciding how to sequence actions

emphasis of certain actions

focus upon a central conflict

pacing to create drama, suspense

describing the scene

use of sensory details visual, audio

textured appeals

point of view writers perspective

writers physical location in relation to the scene

fixed or moving

describing people

physical description looks dress acts


direct revelation shown through use of illustrative anecdotes

indirect revelation shown through use of dialogue, persons interrelationships with others

conveying the autobiographical significance

showing why cerftain events or people were significant in the writers life

telling the reader what the experience meant when it happened and what it means now



1=narration , story telling

starts off the story with his fasination with speed recievied an hotrod with the help of his uncle

= description of scenes

when he describes the car really well about the interior and 8 track and the second is when he crashes and describes the crash and can hear the gas spilling out ect.

= description of people

kind of thought the car was like a person cause he always said he loved her and that the car gave him everything that he wanted such as social status and so on

4=conveying autobiographcal significance


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