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Last year, our government brought out a new law. This was first time that I absolutely agreed with Mr. John Howard. He did a grateful thing to taxpayers and his supporter.

All of the convicted criminals and prisoners will have compulsory DNA tests in 8 days. If they refuse to have tests oluntarily, their DNA samples

They must have their DNA sample been recorded by police. And also maybe some of them were committed to other crimes. The situation was very difficult and unfair to police before this new law has been brought out because they don¡¯t have power to use force to get DNA sample from suspects. There¡¯s a cheaper and easier way to solve the crime but the government still wants to waste our dosh. A DNA testing machine only cost $00 but every year police put thousands dollars in one case. Will you crooked on this because that much money can be put into healthy cover or some other welfare. By using DNA testing will improve police¡¯s efficiency and save our money. This year, everything will be changed by the new law. Jury will easily and clearly adjudge because there¡¯s very irrefutable evidence. None will escape from the web made by DNA testing. Would you like to see the society quite and comfortable? And wives of police will enjoy their night life because there is no more pressure to their husbands. DNA testing will indeed change our life if the law goes wider. We can record people¡¯s DNA and set up a database. When you want to do something illegal, please think about your DNA record in the central database. This will reduce crimes a lot and everyone will be protected under technology. Base on this new law, we also can see there are some dangerous to our privacy. But we have to trust our government that is the reason why we vote them. I don¡¯t think the government will give its supporters DNA for commercial activities. Mr. John Howard is not a DNA dealer. Those people who oppose this new law are irresponsible to the whole society and they are covering up for criminals too. They are not good Australian. Maybe some of them are affair of the new law because they want to hide something. Everyone should contribute all of their belongings if these will bring benefits to our country. I don¡¯t think you will like to see that Australia same as American. Raping, robbery and murdering are happening everyday. Will you let your children go out with alarm whistle around? Have you ever think about this situation will come true if we don¡¯t do something before the criminals. Now we must find out how valuable this new law is. If we let the new law go further, we will get more but pay less. Those unnecessary warning will not stop the development to our country. Many years ago, when the first train came out people said it makes too much noise and pollution. Today train has become the most popular transport in the world. People always refuse the new technology, but they will accept and use it after understanding it. Come on, everyone we are in 1st century how can we live with 0th century¡¯s mind. Scientists indicated that tomorrow will be genetic world. Why can¡¯t we walk out the gate and welcome our future. Genetic identities are important to us but with our mind changing this also will be changed. DNA testing will bring lots of benefits to us, you needn¡¯t carry ID card or passport to every where, and you needn¡¯t bring medical record to doctors. We shouldn¡¯t concern about DNA testing, on the other hand this will protect more than we lose. Refusing the new law is unwise action; many countries have already leaded on us. Why we don¡¯t follow them? Do us a favor, Liberal Party, create safer and convenient society to us.

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