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When I first started reading To kill a Mockingbird by the great Harper Lee I wasnt very interested. It was very boring at first I noticed. But as I kept on reading, I realized that she was a very successful writer after all because, she made me feel I was in the very story.

This novel happened to take place in Maycomb County, Alabama around the the time of the Great Depression. No one had any money, or more or less, have anything to do except sleep.

The story was being narrated by the main character of this story whose name was Jean Louise Finch; but her father, Atticus, and her brother, Jem, called her Scout. The whole story was basically being told from her point of view of things. Honestly, the reader can visualize very clearly what Maycomb was like through her eyes.

In this story, little Scout leads us to many conclusions about racism and descrimination for blacks at the time. She also describes how hipocritcal impotent people were such as in the scene where little Scout was drinking tea with the missionary ladies.

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She heard them feel sorry for people who lived in another continent without realizing that instead of helping others and feeling bad for others in another continent, they should have worried about the southern blacks here in their backyard who lived in far more excruiating conditions.

This story brings a concise thought to the reader about not judging people for what they are, but for who they are.

Harper Lee wrote this novel with intense passion. No doubt in mind that Harper Lee is a very astonishing writer.

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