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Speed Up Your Keyboard

Do you find your keyboard too slow to respond to your typing? Speed it up by double-clicking on the keyboard icon in Control Panel (if you use XP then use Classic View). Adjust the repeat rate and repeat delay, test it in the box provided until its to your satisfaction, and click on Apply.

Is Your Mouse Playing Up?

Erratic movements of your cursor on the screen are an indication that your mouse needs a clean. Unless you use an optical mouse, of course. Turn your mouse upside down and unscrew the ring holding the ball inside. Carefully roll the ball out and give it a wipe with a clean duster. There are two or three rollers inside that you should check. They may be clogged up with grime picked up by the mouse ball over the months. The best way to clean them is by taking a matchstick or plastic pen top and scraping them to remove any deposits. Blow clean and replace the ball and ring.

Defragging With Ease

So many people have problems with defragmenting their hard drive that many tend not to carry out this important housekeeping measure.

Why is it important? Because when you save data or download software to your hard drive, it is stored in whatever locations are most convenient at the time.

So everything becomes fragmented - stored in bits and pieces all over your hard drive. This means they take longer to access, and your PC appears to slow down.

Defragmenting means that all files and folders are organised so that their data, including software and programs, is moved if necessary so that its all in one place on your hard drive, thereby reducing seek time and speeding things up.

But often, when defrag hits around 10 per cent done it stops and starts again from zero. The whole process can take hours if something isnt done about it.

The problem is usually caused by anti-virus software running in the background, or a screen-saver cutting in.

You can temporarily disable both, but an easier way is to simply shut down and re-boot in Safe Mode. You should then be able to run defrag without any problems right the way through.

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