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Ads in Magazines, Good Selling Points or Brainwashing

Advertising in general is a scam. Do not get me wrong, it is a key in any business to succeed but they blandly target young kids, play the sex card, or make it seem like the cool thing to do. Some ads are alright. I don’t mind the ads in news papers or in journals. The ones that make you think twice are the cigarette ads. I hate those. They show people what is cool and what is not. It was worse a few years ago when they had a cartoon camel pitching ciggs to kids. That’s the system we live in.

The ad in question is a Camel ad in the June 00 issue of Maxim men magazine. It is a classy enough ads but I don’t like the way the guy looks. He looks like Humphrey Bogart with a Camel hanging out of his mouth with this you wish you were me look on him with a touch of yeah I am a bad ass. The setting is in a bar with a background straight out of the movie Casablanca. The only thing that is missing is a girl ready to give it up to him as soon as he lights it up. These ads have no regard for the people that read them or take them seriously. They have no ethics or morals.

At face value, the ad appears to have no moral quarrel. It is a bar keep about to light up a cancer stick. My problem is the look on his face is so inviting, that this is the best thing in the world to do. It is almost a look of satisfaction. It really does not look natural or real for that matter.

Write my Essay on smoking ads good or bad

Realism in this ad could mean many things. First is anyone looking forward to that next cigarette that badly? Is “pleasure to burn” the best slogan that they could have come up with? To me the ad is not that appealing because it is a guy. He is attractive but I don’t swing that way. If it were a lady I probably would not have been that bad with the slogan pleasure to burn. This ad is aimed at the 5 and up female crowd. Here is why; firstly it is a male lighting a cigarette; secondly he is attractive; and thirdly he seems like he is in his late twenties, earlier thirties.

The only emotion that I feel is my anger at the cigarette companies for pulling this off. They could have just put a box of them on a table and said buy Camel Lights. It would have had the same affect on me either way, especially with this ad. I can only tell you how I would feel, not how others would.

I say again that cigarette ads are bad. I wish the people making them would realize this but I know that as long as there is money to be made people will keep making them to earn more.

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