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How Things Changed for the Better

Three-Toed Sloth

Five Characteristics

1) The three-toed sloth’s hair is green because of the blue-green algae, which grows in the fur, helping it to camouflage itself from predators such as the Jaguar and the Ocelot.

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) The three-toed sloth lives in the Central and Northern parts of South America. They live high up in the canopy of the trees.

) They are distinguished from other tree mammals by their simple teeth and highly modified hands and feet, which have curved claws three to four inches long. They have extra pairs of joints in certain vertebrae, allowing a great range in head movement.

4) They spend much of their lives hanging upside down, supported by their hooked claws. They eat, sleep, and even give birth in this position.

5) The sloth only comes down to the ground about once a week to defecate, once on the ground it has to drag its body forward with its hooked limbs.

Relatives of the three-toed sloth

1) Two-toed sloth

) Armadillo

) Anteater

A common ancestor to the three-toed sloth is the Giant Ground Sloth, which lived in the Western Hemisphere more than ten thousand years ago, before the last ice age. It was the size of a modern elephant thirteen feet in length and weighing in between

two and three thousand pounds. It was nine feet high on all four legs and about

twenty feet upright.

Over three million years the sloth will evolve into a quicker and more agile mammal. A decrease in the population of Jaguars (the sloth’s main predator) leads to an increase in the sloth population, which results in an overproduction of offspring. Therefore there is an increase in competition among the species of three-toed sloths for food. With only a finite supply of resources the sloths are forced to migrate further and in a quicker amount of time to find food. The struggle for survival causes their physical capabilities to change. Over time the need for stronger muscles is needed in order to be able to move faster among the trees. The increase in movement causes their metabolic rate to increase therefore they must come down out of the trees more often to defecate. Over time their legs straighten out in order to allow them to move across the ground easier. Eventually they become more of a land dwelling animal, which feeds on the vegetation on the ground. An increase in their speed is a positive adaptive value, which allows them to move to more food and it creates more stability within the species of sloths.

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