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Sleuthing Unexpressed Values

A letter written by my best-friend expressing how much she valued our friendship is what I chose to analyze. I chose this letter because it is of value to me. The letter reminds me of how our friendship used to be and the fun we used to have. We used to always write each other letters and send or give each other cards expressing how much we valued each others friendship. We do not spend time doing those things anymore, so this letter is a good reminder of the past.

This letter was written three years ago when Shyra came to visit me in Las Vegas from Long Beach. She came to visit me because she was in some legal trouble and needed to get away so she could get her mind off of things before she went to court. While she was visiting we did not really talk about what could happen and focused on having a good time. She was happy that she was able to get her mind off of things, which is something that wouldnt have happened if she were to remain at home. I was stressin but not since I came out here I was just able to be with my friend and have fun… (1). This sentence alone says that she values me as a person, my company, and the ability I have to make her feel better.

The theme of Shyras letter was our friendship, so that was obviously of great value to her since she decided to write a whole letter devoted to the subject. Shyra appreciated and knew that I would always be there for her, and having people that she could rely on was not something she had in her life at that time. Once she realized that I was someone that she could count on, she really valued that and expressed it in this letter. …No matter what your there somehow, whether over the phone, through a card or letter or my favorite in person. I could never thank you enough….

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Shyra, like me, has never had many female friends. Having a female outside of her family that had an influence in her life, and meant so much to her, was important to her because it was something she had never experienced before. As long as Ive know you Ive been a little happier than before (1). So my point is that I never thought one person outside my family and a female at that would mean so much to me…(). When life gets rough, which it was for Shyra at that time, having someone that can make things a little more bearable is always something to be thankful for.

Being able to express our feelings as Shyra did in her letter was a common thing in our friendship. It is always nice to know you are valued and loved by people outside of your family for just simply being you. It is a good feeling when you know that you can lift someones spirit when they are down and to know you have someone that can do the same. Expressing ones feeling is a trait that many women have and that many men lack. It is sad that so many men are not able to express how they value each other because it is a wonderful feeling to know that someone cares a lot about you.

I was able to draw my conclusions about what values Shyra expressed in her letter because I have known her for many years and I knew what many of her values were prior to her writing this letter that I have chosen to analyze. I can remember what was going on in her life at the time she wrote this letter, meaning that I was able to interpret some of her sentences that an outside reader would not. In one of Shyras sentences she says she never would have thought that a female outside of her family could mean so much to her. If an outsider were to read this they might have not concluded that Shyra does not have many female friends, and the females she knows, she keeps them at a distance because she has trust issues with women.

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