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Red Bull is an energy drink that is made for moments of increased physical and mental stress and improves endurance, alertness, concentration and reaction speed. As the companies clever slogan proclaims, “Red Bull � it gives you wings.” The effectiveness of Red Bull Energy Drink has been questioned by a number of scientific studies but it is still appreciated by many of the worlds top athletes, opinion-leaders and hard-working people with active lifestyles. In 18, Dietrich Mateschitz became aware of products called tonic drinks, which enjoyed wide popularity in Asia, and got - while sitting in the bar at the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong - the idea of marketing those functional drinks outside Asia. In 184, Mateschitz founded the company Red Bull GmbH. He fine-tuned the product, developed a unique marketing concept and started selling Red Bull Energy Drink on the Austrian market in 187. Red Bull got off the ground in no time flat, giving people wings right from the start. In 1, Red Bull touched down in its first foreign market, in Hungary where it was embraced by the club scene as a way to prolong and rejuvenate the energy needed for non-stop, all-night partying. Red Bull is now available in almost all of Europe and many parts of North and South America, Africa and Australia with the main consumer being the young adults who consume over a billion of cans of Red Bull a year. The extreme popularity of Red Bull can be attributed to the fact that ingredients of Red Bull were quite unique at the time of production although other companies have started to add the same ingredients as Red Bull but not have the same unique taste. Plus a trend emerged in bars and nightclubs. Bartenders started mixing Red Bull with alcohol, this allows the consumer to get intoxicated and supposedly rejuvenate himself simultaneously. Young adults, the main patrons of clubs and energy drinks, embrace the drink because of their belief in its rejuvenation powers and it’s unique, inimitable taste, and athletes, the second largest consumer of the Red Bull energy drink, prefer it for the concept of an energy drink�fluid and energy together in one bottle�is very appealing.

Drugs have been a part of the club scene for years, they’re used to prolong the energy available and to increase the pleasure gained, but most of these drugs are illegal, on other hand - Red Bull has all the advantages of being legal and readily available, and it delivers a better “kick” then a lot of drugs, without the negative side effects. It is basically a Godsend for people who usually take their caffeine in liquid form, those who drink several servings a day. It consists of primarily caffeine and eleven secret herbs and chemicals. While the main effective ingredient is caffeine, the feeling one gets after drinking it is somehow different from a coffee rush. This actually proves that other ingredients in Red Bull actually work. For example, as the advertising and packaging insist, the taurine and yellow dye No. 7 in Red Bull make it effectively better than coffee for energy production. Also, the slogan It give you wings” has some truth in it. The “wings” effect does indeed exist, in that it temporarily improves stamina and focus.

Red Bull’s taste has been an issue since it began selling, some like it some don’t, but as soon as one drinks it more then two times, the addiction kicks in and the taste pleases every drinker. This is especially true when compared to other energy drinks � “B tastes like Flintstones vitamins and Hansens just doesnt work.” (Kauffman, 1) Red Bull is considered to be an acquired taste, for, while many find it to be quite a tasty and refreshing beverage, it is extremely sweet which may put off some people. That is due to an attempt to mask the taste of some of Red Bull’s ingredient, taurine and vitamin B1 mostly. Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid, which naturally occurs in the body. Some healthy compounds have off-flavors, and processors must take care to mask or minimize these. It depends on the flavor. Strawberry or chocolate flavors may mask some effects. Too much B1 (thiamin) has a sulfurous odor. Minerals such as iron, copper or magnesium salt have a metallic taste. All of this makes for a plethora of flavors that need to be masked, hence the unusual flavor (Chaudhari, 11) Nevertheless, that unusual flavor is one of the reasons for Red Bull’s popularity.

Athletes are and always will be attracted to products that claim to have performance-enhancing effects. For the simple reason that for many athletes, who need to juggle sports, careers, school, and personal lives, squeezing in time for optimal eating and drinking is not a part of their lifestyle equation. For these athletes, gulping down an energy drink may be perceived as a quick way to consume extra energy to get through the day, compensate for a perceived deficiency in vitamins, minerals, herbs, or some other nutrient, boost endurance, expedite recovery from exercise, burn fat, increase lean muscle mass, or improve brain function. Such a quick replenishment of energy can improve one’s capacity for work, a very desirable characteristic for all and especially for active individuals.

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