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Some pre-veterinarian students have known that they would become veterinarians since they held their first stuffed animal. Others have had a single catalytic event that changed their career goals forever. The origins of my own desire to pursue a career in veterinary medicine have been less dramatic, but equally as influential. As a child, when someone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I answered with an array of possibilities including doctor, physical therapist, lawyer (only because my dad is one), and of course veterinarian. To me, becoming a veterinarian meant saving animals, and helping their owners through some very difficult times. Most people recognize the joy and solace they feel when they are around animals, especially their own. To enter a profession in which I could help animals live a happy and healthy life would allow me to make a difference, not only in a person’s life, but in an innocent animal’s life as well.

As I grew older I experienced the difference animals and pets made in my life. When I was upset about something I could always depend on Katy, our family dog to be there and let me hug her and talk to her. She never did mind. This always made me feel better. At the age of nine I began riding horses which allowed me to gain knowledge and confidence in a new way. When I went out to the stables every weekend, I was always ready to learn and have fun for a few hours. The experience I had at Silver Mist Stables taught me that at the age of ten I could take care of a huge horse all by myself, and as long as I was willing, Duke, the nineteen year old horse I leased, would take care of me. This experienced helped shape me into becoming a strong independent individual. In the arena I was in charge of how well Duke and I performed, and the sensation of achieving the goals I had set forth gave me the motivation to expect excellence of myself in all aspects of my life.

While I acknowledge my complete love of animals, I became fascinated with the field of medicine. I took a great interest in my science classes in high school and decided that majoring in a field of science in college would be most intriguing to me. As a senior in high school I realized that I could combine my interest in science, my need to be on my own, and my love of the vast wilderness by attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. I declared my major in Kinesiology and Systemic Physiology because I felt this field would allow me to apply the knowledge learned in foundational science classes to the human body. At this point, I was still leaning towards becoming a physician. At this time I began to realize that California was my true home, and despite the magnificence of Colorado, I longed for the familiarity of California.

In February of 001 I made a decision to transfer to UC Davis. Though I did not know it at the time this decision would have a lasting impact on my career choice. During my first quarter at Davis, despite my rigorous academic schedule, I decided to try something new and volunteer at the Davis Animal Hospital, a local small animal clinic. For three months I went to the clinic on Tuesday mornings and assisted the doctors and technicians in routine procedures including cleaning kennels, walking the dogs, drawing blood samples and even observing minor surgical procedures. The time I spent there allowed me to see the other side of a veterinary clinic. I had always been on the other side, and this new experience was intriguing to me. From this point my childhood interests in becoming a veterinarian were reignited.

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Although I enjoyed the quarter I spent at the small animal clinic, I was not sure that the small animal clinic was an area I wanted to pursue a career in. Over that Christmas vacation I rode along with an ambulatory veterinarian in Chico. That first day I spent with her I was able to experience a side of veterinary medicine I had not yet discovered. We went to several different ranches and boarding facilities and did everything from giving routine vaccinations to hock injections on an arthritic thoroughbred. Dr. Heather Smith introduced me to a whole new field that sparked a fire in me that still burns today. After the time I spent with Dr. Smith, I returned to Davis and immediately dove into volunteering at the Large Animal ICU at the UC Davis veterinary teaching hospital. After two quarters, I was still infatuated and submitted an application for employment. At the present time I am working as a Large Animal ICU/ISO technician, completing my research project on dendritic cell concentrations in neonatal foals, and spending any free time I have in Chico with Dr. Smith.

By taking the opportunity to ride along with Dr. Baker I was able to solidify all of my aspirations into a career goal that is well suited for me. I feel that UC Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine is the right place for me to enter the profession. Through working at the Large Animal ICU I have had the opportunity to meet many clinicians, residents, staff and students; I would feel privileged if I were accepted as a student at the University Of California Davis School Of Veterinary Medicine.

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