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Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4, 168, but his ideas still live on. From the classrooms at Morehouse College, he launched his mission to create a better community for all people alike. For that purpose, he stood up and spoke out against the ills of society, and people took notice. Although the man is no longer alive, his voice and spirit will live through us all. A twenty-foot statue stands outside the King Chapel on the campus of Morehouse College. The statue depicts Dr. King stretching out his finger challenging everyone to come forth and continue his legacy.

The Doctor issued a challenge, not to just African Americans, but to everyone Do not conform to society, but let society conform to you. The outstanding alumnus of Morehouse College challenges his brothers to step to the plate and to not be afraid. Through his teaching, sermons, and experiences he informs the men of Morehouse to continue his legacy and never give up the fight. He is demanding that you should not be afraid of the guns, the clubs, the vicious dogs, the water hoses, or even death, because “you shall overcome.” This is a call to all of humanity to overcome the social injustices prevalent in today’s society. He is telling the homosexual community to fight for their rights and reject sexual discrimination. A call is being made to the Latin Americans to eliminate the negative stereotypes and to receive the respect and freedoms that are meant for all people. There is a call to the women of our society to eradicate the status quo and take leadership roles in the workplace.

We must either learn to live together as brothers or we are going to perish as fools. A society is only able to survive if its inhabitants learn to cooperate and coexist with one another. Interaction amongst the inhabitants is vital or the society is incapable of improving and will be stagnant. The ultimate goal is for man to overlook the race, class, or nationality of their peers and coexist. The statue symbolizes the challenge issued to mankind to overcome the trials and tribulations that may come in ones life.

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