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When the British surrendered on 15 February 14, Singapore came under the Japanese rule. The Japanese Occupation was a very bitter period of years and had brought hardship to our people. We lived each day in constant fear of the fresh disasters the day would bring.

My family consisted of my parents, my elder brother, my younger brother and me. We were very close to each other because we wanted to spend time together before anything might happen to one of us, anytime. Once during the mass screening operation the Japanese carried out on all Chinese men between 18 and 50 years old, or Sook Ching, my father and elder brother were ordered to report at a mass-screening center where they were questioned by the Japanese. During their absence, my mother and I prayed for them. Fortunately both of them made a safe trip back home as they were not identified as anti-Japanese.

During the difficult times when there was a serious shortage of food, my family of five struggled to live on a simple diet of tapioca and sweet potatoes, which were food substitutes for scarce food such as rice. It would be tapioca and sweet potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes, when we had just plain porridge, we were already happy enough because it fed more hungry mouths. We also grew a little of our own food because the Japanese promoted homegrown food and seeds were given away.

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When the schools reopened, my younger brother and I attended Bras Basah Boys’ School that was formerly known as St Joseph’s Institution, and was used as a Red Cross Hospital before the surrender of the British. In the school, the students had to maintain a high level of discipline, which came down to singing the Japanese anthem in attention. The Japanese authorities had made changes to the education system, where the teaching of the Japanese language was compulsory.

Brother Michael was one of my teachers whom I respected a lot because he was a very special teacher who cared for us extensively. He would often gave his share of food to students who were very hungry, and console students who had family problems. During lessons, he talked to us about some changes our teachers had to endure. They had to tend vegetable plots in the Botanic Gardens during school hours, and do patrol duties late at night. He also told us that when more teachers were brought in from Japan, his and the other Brothers’ services would no longer be needed eventually, and they would have to move to somewhere else to find a job.

As I was only a young teenager, I was lucky to escape most of the cruel punishments the Japanese soldiers inflicted. However, I was aware of the pain and agony many innocent people experienced. I could only hope that the days of darkness would end and peace would return some day.

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