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The real user will need relevant hardware to complete the task. A monitor to see the information that is displayed on the screen .A mouse to select the input my data. The real user will also need a keyboard to input all of the data. The user will need a base unit with a hard drive so the computer will work. The user needs a printer to print off all the processed letters. The user will need a colour printer to make the letters look better and this make the processed seem more important as it stands out. This is so important to show the real user and to get their feedback.


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For the problem, The user will need a word processor and a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel. He needs these two programs as he is going to merge them together to make the letters. The user will need a web browser to get various pieces of information such as maps to the indoor cricket nets. So as the members can get to the centre.


The real user will get the information direct from the members or from the personal records of certain members. The user will collect any outstanding information from the members themselves by using methods such as e-mail, phone or post. If sent by post then there will have to be a tear off reply slip so as the members can put their personal details on. The user will check data for errors by calling them up, as this is the only way to properly check for any errors involved.



The output for the solution is going to be at least twenty letters to be sent and replied to. On the screen there will be a variety of different things. There will be individual letters based on a template using mail merge. There will be a template with all the relevant fields inserted with the relevant details. Merging with a data source fills in these fields. There will be a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel. Displayed on the screen will be all the members personal details, also included in this will be the times when there cricket winter nets start. Twenty personalised letters will be printed with all the necessary information displayed on them. The information that will be on the screen will be a tear of strip for the reply and the pertinent information about when their nets are.


Details of the letter will change according to the age and circumstances because if they play in the adult sides because of their ability then they will be asked to come along to the adult nets. So that will be the problem that the real user will have to overcome.


The data will be sorted in a variety of ways. The word processor sorts text alphabetically, numerically, or by date in ascending order (A to Z or zero to ) or descending order (Z to A or to zero). When sorting by field results, if an entire field (such as a last name) is the same for two items, The word processor next evaluates subsequent fields (such as a first name) according to the specified sort options.


There will be two programs needed to complete the problem. The two programs these are a spreadsheet and a word processor such as Microsoft word. The spreadsheet will be set out in the usual way with columns and rows with field headings at the top. On the word processor the letter will be set in a formal way with a logo and all the relevant fields inserted.


The real user will save his work onto the hard drive and he might save it onto a magnetic tape. The real user should or will save his work every 15-0 minutes. The time to take the information and save it to the hard drive is very minimal and to save it on to a magnetic disk will take a little longer.


The personal data of the members will have to be highly guarded these could be done in a variety of ways including physical ways such as put all the information into a safe. The computer will have to have a password for data security also.


This is an organisation set up to insure that the personal information of the public was kept safe and where it is stored on a computer. This is called the data protection act. Individuals must be told what the data will be used for.


The files will be relatively small and all of the information will be able to be stored on a floppy disk. A floppy disk holds a relatively small amount of data, generally 1.44 megabytes. Data on floppy disks is retrieved more slowly than from hard disks. The real user will user will use the disk to make backups of data.

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