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Our first picture of Huck at the beginning of the novel was a young innocent boy who doesn’t like to work and is also superstitious. He lived with Widow Douglas, who took him as a son and tried to “civilise” him. He also lives with Widow Douglas’s sister, Miss Watson, she was always telling Huck to sit up straight etc. He lived life there being told what to do and believe quite a lot. Huck felt that he lived a constrained life living with them, life in captivity. Huck wanted to do things, get out and to have adventure. Huck had his own opinion on things mainly. When Miss Watson told him about the good and the bad place, he chose the bad because it seemed better and more interesting. When Tom tells Huck about the genies and the Arabs etc, Huck knows when Tom is lying when he has seen it hasn’t happened. He believes in what he can see and experience. Huck has natural intelligence, he is not gullible, he is logical and practical, and he is also sceptical. Huck, like a normal person, leads his life the way it has told him to, the way he was taught things were supposed to be. So things like a Negro being a slave was quite normal. Huck still strongly believed in freedom. It was his “civilised” and “learned” way. This learned way clearly indicated that Negri are of lesser importance and much more inferior than the white person. This was the way at that time but Huck still believed in freedom.

Our picture of Huck at the end of the novel is different in some aspects and has remained constant in others. Throughout the novel Huck has become wiser and more experienced in life and emotionally. His treatment and feelings towards Jim (Miss Watson’s runaway slave) changed, after certain events happened. E.g. in chapter 10 Huck set a dead rattle snake in Jim’s sheets as a joke, but Huck forgot about this and another snake came along and bit Jim, Huck didn’t mean for this to happen but never told Jim.

Though in ch.15 the night in the fog, Huck and Jim’s raft got separated through the night and Jim was extremely worried and fearful about what might’ve happened to Huck. Huck knew this and decided to play another trick on Jim, and this was to pretend that nothing had happened and that he was just asleep the whole time. When Jim figured out that Huck was playing a trick he was deeply cut, really hurt and felt a bit betrayed. Huck felt really bad about it because he didn’t mean to and swore he wouldn’t do something like that again. Huck said, “It was fifteen minutes before I could work myself up to go and humble myself to a nigger � but I done it, and I warn’t ever sorry for it afterwards neither. I didn’t do him no more mean tricks, and I wouldn’t done that one if I’d knowed it would makes him feel that way.”

These few parts of the novel demonstrate that Huck did have feelings for Jim and that he really doesn’t mean any harm to a Negro even if society tells him this. Huck has a conflict between his natural instinct and the civilised way. Huck has a crisis of conscience over this many times. E.g. in ch.16 when Huck and Jim are paddling down the stream in a raft together and Jim gets talking about how when he finds the money he will buy his family back and if he still can’t he will steal them back. Huck’s socially learned response tells him that this is wrong, that life was white over black and that a runaway Negro that Huck could hand in anytime is planning to steal other Negroes. To Huck, this was a nightmare because he had feelings for Jim, and this is shown when the white men in search for runaway Negri, are a hair’s width close to finding Jim hidden in the raft, and Huck lied his way past the white men to defend Jim. Huck’s conscience crisis was major. He said, “My conscience got to stirring me up more than ever.”

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Huck’s conflict between civilised and natural response is basically that he knows it is wrong to keep Jim and to turn him in but his natural response says that he likes Jim and should keep him and not turn him out.

In ch.1, this is probably the major conscience crisis in the novel. Huck has trouble deciding whether he should send a letter to Jim’s owner telling her where he is. He is telling himself to do this because mainly society is telling him to and this would appease his conscience, also after he wrote the letter he felt good and washed clean of a huge burden and this was just writing the letter, not sent yet. But Huck’s attachment to Jim is stronger than his concern for what society deems right and wrong. Huck reflects upon the times he had had with Jim, on the raft, the laughs they had, Jim’s goodness and kindness to Huck, Jim’s concern and affection towards Huck, the treatment Jim would be getting as a slave and Huck even realises that Jim is his only friend. Huck’s feelings toward Jim is stronger than his civilised response, Huck exclaims, “all right then, I’ll go to hell!” before he ripped up the letter.

Huck’s changing character throughout the novel is mainly his overcoming of his conscience, and the way he dealt with all that had happened. Twain is trying to show that Huck is a boy that, even though going against his socially learned response, he was lead by his heart and went with his natural instinct and took in Jim. The point of this novel is to show all the racism and how unfair slavery really was. Huck was a boy who ‘defied’ the system and instead of doing what was the ‘right’ thing for society at the time, he did the right thing by Jim.

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