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During a 000m-rowing race, all three energy systems are used. When the race begins, the ATP/PC system is used. This refers to energy provided by the breakdown of phosphocreatine (PC) to resynthesise adenosine triphospate (ATP) and does not require oxygen. The crew uses it because it is fast acting and is also used amendable to rapid, powerful muscular contraction. However, ten seconds into the race, the crew member’s ATP/PC system’s are depleted, as only a limited supply is immediately available in muscle tissue.

The aerobic system is slow in starting itself because, unlike the ATP/PC and anaerobic systems, it involves a number of complex steps, and also requires a constant supply of oxygen to resynthesise ATP in the muscles. Due to this, the rower’s bodies must utilize their anaerobic systems; this is much faster than the aerobic system. For the next minute of the race, the anaerobic system is the predominant supplier of APT to the working muscles, to produce intense, short bursts of energy. Yet, the use of this energy system by the crew causes their muscle stores of glycogen to become depleted at a rapid rate, and also causes lactic acid build-up, creating muscle soreness, a pH level drop and the hastened onset of fatigue.

At the 1100 mark, the aerobic system has kicked in, over-taking from the anaerobic system and thus, preventing the further accumulation of lactic acid; the only waste products associated with this are water and carbon dioxide.

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However, the crew require a surge and therefore, greater levels of ATP. The aerobic system is already working at it’s capacity, the ATP/PC system was depleted at the earlier stages of the race, so the anaerobic system is used by the crew, which provides the quick supply of APT for the rapid, but short muscle contractions required for the surge. As the ATP production is limited in its availability, the crew’s member’s bodies switch back to the aerobic system again.

At the 1700 mark, the crew enters the final stage of the race and begins to increase their speed. Further ATP is required due to the increased muscle contraction rate. The anaerobic system is again used by the crew, yet, as insufficient oxygen levels are available, lactic acid continues to built in the muscle cells, tissue and blood, causing muscle fatigue and exhaustion.

As the race is completed, muscle contraction halts as the crew stops pulling on the oars. They are now left with an oxygen deficit to pay off.

Overall, it is seen that the aerobic system provides 80% of ATP, and the ATP/PC and anaerobic systems provided the other 0%.

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