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Emily Dickinson’s poetry can be categorized as uniquely abstract. By her terminology, one can recognize contemplation patterns that are like no other. Dickinson grew up in a very privileged upper class home. From a visual aspect, it is very easy to assume that her life could not have been any easier since she never had to work for anything; but internally, there was a struggle that was present. Possibly as a result of negative personal experiences, her writing has come to have much significance. With the aid of her individual creativity, Dickinson was able to express her careless, opposing views on religion, and also her self-image.

Her free spirit expressively recognized God’s existence, but refused to submit to his authority. She had established her own religion, and followed her own commands as clearly stated in 4. From her standpoint, God was simply overrated, and not a very good Father. At some point, through her various troubling experiences, she had been “led away” from him (poem 18). Set apart from others, death was clearly more favorable than eternal life from “an Eclipse.”

Obviously, she had undergone a spiritual death. Revealing her insignificance towards her Omnipotent. The majority of the poems reviewed in class were based on her strong apathy towards this particular subject. Recognizing him as being there, but at the same time, not there. Possibly she saw earth as her heaven because of her love for nature. Heaven could of also meant being able to express herself through ink since she confined herself from the outside world, and it was also her only visual aid due to her poor eyesight.

Dickinson’s self-image seemed to come strictly form within. In poem 45, she expressed her encounter with exclusion. Rejection is a very hurtful experience for any human being. In time, she realized that her mind was individual. She began to eventually come to terms with this notion, and accepted herself. Although, she was rather privileged in her up bringing, Dickinson chose to go in a different direction than others, and she chose to disconnected herself from the others.

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In her age, Dickinson was a very independent woman. In those days, independence was probably forbidden for a female. Her lack of commitment to the church was definitely some sort of struggle. Through her poetry, she spoke her true feelings to God, and also to the people that rejected her. The true reasons for her bitter feelings toward the higher power remain unknown. It has been left to our imagination to make of it what we want. Her poetry was her only way of communication to the world as she stated in poem 441.

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