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Credibility is the key.

When you are choosing a topic for a speech it is clear that you have to choose one that your audience can relate to easily. But that is only the half of it because even if you choose something every single individual in your audience would want to hear about if they don’t consider your information to be factual and your sources as well as your self credible, then all that you will do is waste there time. Credibility is the key to a properly delivered speech. A 1 year old boy couldn’t possibly enter a room filled with seasoned marines on their way to war and be expected to deliver a touching speech to inspire the men to be brave and confident, they most likely would want to hear that from a general or commander in chief who has been in there position before, someone who knows what they are feeling. In the same way it not be a very good idea for a plumber to give a informative speech on air safety to audience consisting Aero Space professionals. Your image can directly affect how well you adapt to your audience, the strongest tool you will have with which you can protect your credibility is your method of delivery.

When giving a speech to an audience you expect might judge your credibility first, it is wise not introduce the facts first, but instead establish grounds for the concreteness for your arguments. After you have given them every reason to find you interesting you can start pouring out the facts; When I was at Munro College I ws asked to deliver a speech to set of six formers about architecture and engineering, I was only in second form at the time and before I was half way through the presentation the mumblying and sarcastic questions prevented me from finishing and even showing them the slides I made. I know what I was doing but I failed to make them agree before started giving the facts; establishing credibility is the first thing anyone should when giving a speech.

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