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Is it really possible that ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramids, or were they aided by extraterrestrial intervention? This paper will look at both sides of this controversial subject.

The Khufu pyramid, also know as The Great Pyramid, is the largest of three pyramids in the Giza plateau. No one knows exactly when it was built, but archeologists believe that it was built around 10,000 BC through 500 BC. The limestone blocks used to build the 481-foot tall structure were most likely quarried near the Giza plateau. There is a large pit near by, and the amount of missing stone is slightly larger than that of the Khufu pyramids estimated volume. Scientists estimate that the pyramid is composed of .5 million limestone blocks each weighing approximately .5 tons each for a grand total of 6. million tons.

The ancient historian, Herodotus, visited the pyramids in 44-40 BC he was told by the temple priests that the pyramids were built using a lever and fulcrum based machinery. The pyramid was built in steps. After laying the stones for the base the next “step” of stone blocks were raised into their places by means of the lever and fulcrum based machinery formed of short wooden planks. The first machine raised them from the ground to the top of the base to another machine that raised the block up to the next level. Herodotus also recorded that the pyramid was built by a work force of 100,000 people working over a period of approximately 0 years.

Throughout history structures of this height were only seen in two other kinds of structures, in the cathedrals of the medieval period, and in modern skyscrapers. But the size of the Khufu pyramid isn’t what makes it such an amazing structure. The ancient Egyptians built it with a degree of precision that to this day, cannot be achieved with any of our modern construction methods. The perimeter of the Khufu Pyramid is approximately 1 kilometer and the area of the base is approximately 5,000 square meters, or 17,884 feet. Despite the size, weight and age of the pyramid, you still cannot insert a piece of paper between the blocks in its base. And the angle of each side has a variance of less than 0.06%, a seemingly immeasurable amount in ancient Egypt. And all this was accomplished without the aid of modern surveying equipment, Pythagorean Theorem or trigonometry.

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There is another aspect of the pyramids that went unnoticed, that is until a few years ago. The three pyramids at Giza are lined up in an unusual way. If you look at them from space, they are lined up in the same way as the stars in Orion’s belt.

In 187 a man named J. R. Hill discovered an iron plate beneath two tiers of stone near the entrance of the southern air shaft of the Kings chamber. Fifty-two years later scientists performed tests on a sample of this metal plate and determined that it had been melted at approximately 1000 to 1100 degrees centigrade. Now this might not seem odd to most people, but if the pyramids were built around 10,000 BC to 500 BC, that would mean that the ancient Egyptians had made iron 000 to 50 years before the Iron Age which began around 650 B.C!

Assuming the ancient Egyptians really did build the Great Pyramid, they would have had to over come some obstacles that still hold even modern man back. And, according to Japanese engineers, it would require over a thousand years to build the Great Pyramid using the technology they had. This is why many people believe that the extraterrestrial intervention is a valid explanation for how they accomplished such a daunting task. Utilizing devices like harmonic or magnetic levitation, machines that manipulates time, allowing for rapid construction during Khufus reign (some how I doubt he live more than 100 years). Other devices could have included computer-driven lasers and cutting devices could aid in measuring and cutting the .5-ton blocks and etching hieroglyphs. And all this technology would have had to exist alongside of the primitive mud-brick housing and primitive tools of ancient Egypt. So what happened to all of this technology, how did it disappear without a trace, while the primitive technology alone survived.

Given the facts I have found in my research over the last few years it seems that the ancient Egyptians couldn’t have built the Great Pyramids alone. But if there really was extraterrestrial intervention, I find it hard to believe that there is no physical evidence to support that theory. I guess that is why the debate continues to this day, and may never end.

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