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1. Ben making a burial place for the baby Ben made a burial place for Maria’s baby just in case it doesn’t live when she gives birth. Meg thought this was very mean of Ben for having such a pessimistic attitude about the birth. Ben said that sometimes things go wrong and the newborn dies. I think Ben is right; something could go wrong and by giving birth at home, without the aid of doctors and nurses, the chances increase for problems. They may have had books to go by, but books don’t tell you everything a person needs to know about giving birth. Ben and Maria will be lucky if nothing goes wrong during her birth.

. Meg had two dreams about Molly and herself while living in the summer house. The first dream Molly wasn’t sick, and Molly and Meg were running through a field. Molly was ahead and Meg couldn’t keep up (like always). The second dream Molly was sick and they were running through the same field, this time Meg was ahead. Molly was behind and couldn’t keep up. She kept falling behind. The dreams meant Molly used to be healthy and now Molly’s sick. Molly will soon be gone because she is becoming sicker by the minute. The more Molly falls behind the more she will never be able to catch up. Soon Meg will be so far ahead she will never see her sister because Molly is so far behind. As the mother said, “Dreams come out of what is reality.” I think that is a true statement. These dreams Meg had are true about Molly. Even though there isn’t a cure that could save Molly, the doctors could still try to make Meg’s dreams a little less true.

. The saying “Margaret you mourn for” Will said the saying, “Margaret you mourn for.” When someone else is sick and dying you think you mourn for them, but you really mourn for yourself. Meg mourned for Molly since she was sick, but Will said Meg really mourned for herself. Will’s wife, Margaret, died, Will thought he mourned for Margaret. Will read a poem and a line in the poem was “Margaret you mourn for”. After Will read this he understood that he mourned for himself and not his wife since he lost her. Will was right because you really do mourn for yourself. When someone dies you mourn for yourself because you don’t have that person to love and be with any more. I learned that when someone dies, sometimes it might be the best thing for that person especially if they are sick and in a lot of pain. I think the saying means you mourn for yourself because you’re still in this cruel world without your loved one and the person who died is now in heaven.

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4. Ben and Maria having the baby There was one death in the book, and then a birth was going to happen. The author may have been trying to show the differences and similarities in life and death. A birth is an exciting and happy event in your life. I think births are really special because it is the start of a new life. I think the book made birth sound like it was the most traumatic event of your life.

5. The family moving into the summerhouse the family moved into the new house only for the summer so the dad could finish his book. During the summer many things began and were accomplished. The mom started and finished her quilt and the dad started and finished his book. Molly may not have started her life in the house, but she finished it there. Molly learned she had leukemia while staying here. Ben and Maria’s baby was born in this house. That summer was to die for. I think these events made the house a special place for the family. The girls didn’t like the house at first but began to like it. They even wanted to go back next summer because the house was so special to them.

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