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My Father Died Drinking and Driving

As I awoke from a deep sleep I realized that someone was repetitiously pounding on the door. I watched my young mother suspiciously stumble down the hall to look through the peephole, and quickly open the door. It was the police? As a four-year-old child this concerned me. I overheard the police discussing with my mother that there has been a bad accident, but he continued to tell her that he is sorry to inform her this way and her husband was in the accident and passed away. I watched as the horror from my mom’s eyes quickly turned into tears. She did not want to wake me but little did she know I was already awake. He told her if she had any questions that he would be happy to answer them. My mom continued with a line of questions of how and where? The police officer proceeded to tell her where and that is was caused by drinking and driving. That night December , 185 was the night I found out that not only my father, but my idol, made the decision to drive impaired and kill himself. He was to selfish to turn the keys over to someone else and killed two other people. Drinking and driving kills. Now as an adult looking back I wonder what does alcohol do to your body, what prevention strategies my loved ones can take to help others, and last the risks of driving impaired.

What does alcohol do to your body? Once alcohol is consumed it is absorbed by ones blood system and can be measured as Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). One drink can decrease and individuals ability to react more quickly than normal. The rate of absorption in ones body varies by an individuals height, weight, and experience with alcohol. Alcohol takes effect quickly but wears off slowly. After ten minuets of consumption 50% of the alcohol consumed will be in the bloodstream. I bet you did not know that is is impossible to speed up the sobering process. Showers, black coffee, pints of water, dont help. It takes time. Did you know that my father was 1 out of the 15, 5 traffic fatalities in 185? Maybe it’s just 1 out of 15, 5 individuals to you but to me that was a loved one.

To prevent driving impaired I believe there should be some effective measures taken. Such as promptly suspending the licenses of people who drive intoxicated. If the license would be taken the driver would have to find new transportation to and from work, and other places of importance to them. If that were to happen then maybe they would think twice about driving under the influence. Lowering the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) for adults to 0.05% would mean that fewer drinks in the individuals system would consider them legally drunk. There should also be more sobriety check points around the state to show the drivers that the law is cracking down and this would make them more conscientious of driving impaired. If we as individuals would take action in our communities then you or a loved one might have the chance to live.

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The risks of driving impaired are seven out of ten times fatal. Male drivers involved in fatal motor vehicle crashes are two times as likely as female drivers to be intoxicated with a BAC if 0.10% or greater. A BAC of 0.10% is greater than or equal to the legal limit in all the united states. Alcohol related accidents kill someone every 0 minutes and nonfatally injure someone every minutes. If my father had driving impaired the he wouldnt have only killed himself he wouldnt have killed two other innocent people in the car.

When you choose to drive intoxicated then you are taking the risks of killing yourselves and others. This is the choice you shouldnt want to make. Next time you think of driving impaired you will think about what alcohol does to your body, what types of prevention you can take, and the risks of driving impaired. Drinking and driving kills. Maybe someone will think before they drive drunk instead of thinking like a drunk before they drive.

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