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For 6 years Kim-jong refused to meet with any heads of state or dignitaries. Also it was said he spent his time watching foreign videos. In 18 Kim-jong was made chairman of the National Defense Commission. Nothing he did was fixing North Koreas dropping economy and food shortages. Finally Kim-jong did something good. He decided to meet with South Koreas president Kim Dae-jung in June 000. Now that North Koreas economy is back on track, in the near future it will be a developed country like its neighbor South Korea. After years of hardships, North Korea is finally going somewhere. Kims foreign policy response to economic collapse has been to court international aid and support from a variety of sources but chiefly the United States. His ace in the pack has been the threat of nuclear conflict.

In 14, Kim ended a year-long crisis started when his father announced the North would withdraw from the arms-control Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Kim agreed to mothball the suspected weapons-grade nuclear plant at Yongbyon in return for US aid and a process of normalisation of relations.

However, with the election of George W. Bush, US policy hardened, culminating in the presidents 00 State Of The Nation speech in which he named North Korea as one of an axis of evil nations, along with Iraq and Iran.

In late 00 the North raised the spectre of nuclear weapons once more, allegedly admitting to have secretly been developing enriched-uranium bombs. Some analysts say Kim has played this card too often. They point out the US government now routinely dismisses Kims nuclear brinkmanship as predictable.

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