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September 11th began as any other usual day. People were off to work and to school, but then the unbelievable occurred. First one airplane crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center and then a few moments later another plane hit the other tower. Many innocent lives were taken because of these horrible terrorist actions. Even more lives were taken, when the rescuers tried to save the lives of these innocent people. Now what stands at the World Trade Center is nothing, but a huge hole. Americans lost some sense of pride. I believe the best way to gain our pride back is to rebuild even larger and better towers with a memorial there also to remember the lives lost that day.

A larger and better building is most appropriate to build at the World Trade Center site. These two new towers will be even bigger than before. Both towers will stand about 10 stories high. The towers will both be black during the day. At nighttime, the towers will be lit up with red, white, and blue lights, as if it was the American flag. The red, white, and blue lights will represent our true American colors. These towers will stand out even more than before and could be seen from almost anywhere. People will once again come to visit our beautiful and precious World Trade Center buildings as they did before.

This new World Trade Center will be filled with many different facilities. One of the towers would include a mall in the first ten floors. In the mall will be clothing stores, electronic stores, and fast food restaurants. Above these ten floors will be all office space. The other tower will have fancy restaurants and souvenir stands on the first couple of floors. The rest of the floors will also be all office space.

The world trade center will still be a target of another terrorist attack. So these towers will need to be made much stronger than before so another catastrophe like September eleven will never occur again. They would be made strong and durable enough to resist another airplane crashing into it and collapsing the way it did before. They will be made out of a different type of steel to resist heavy flames, so they won’t collapse as fast as they did last time.

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The rebuilding of the World Trade Center would include a big round memorial wall. This round memorial wall will be located right in front of the two new towers as you enter the facility. It will be engraved with all of the known names of the people that were lost during this horrible incidence. This wall will include all the people that were in the buildings, the planes, and the rescuers. In the center of the round memorial wall, there will be a large fountain. Red, white, and blue lights will surround the fountain water sprays to give an American flag reflection. There will be a park built right behind the memorial between the towers. This park will be full with grass, trees, a playground, and benches and tables. The name of this new park will be World Trade Center

Memorial Park. A day care center will also be built in this facility. This will be for all the children of the employees in the towers.

I believe if we rebuild these towers it will benefit our economy and the city. The towers will open up more jobs and once again bring people all over the world to come visit. This will help our economy get out of the little setback we are in right now. These towers will also help the city gain back some its pride back. The city lost one of its most valuable trademarks. This is why it is very important to rebuild these towers. We also have to rebuild these towers because if we don’t it’s a sign of defeat. If we rebuild them, it shows that we were able to rebuild from this horrible event. It shows that we as Americans are able to rebuild from anything but we will always remember though.

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