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One must thoroughly read Viktor Frankls book, Mans Search for meaning, to truly understand the extremely difficult things he endured through the painful time of the Holocaust. The book takes you back to the time of hardship, hatred, and the genocide of one race.

Throughout the book, we learn many things that are simply unbearable to think about, much less think of the millions of people who went through the same horrible things as Mr. Frankl. This book opens our eyes to see into the concentration camps. We begin to feel the emotion, pain, and the survival of people who suffered for years due to the fact they were merely different.

Although Viktor Frankl suffered daily, he lived by the philosophy, “The salvation of man is in love and through love.” (p.57).Viktor’s perseverance during the Holocaust was through the love and honor of his wife. When the times were so unbearable, he thought of his wife. He felt that any man could get through absolutely anything with love in his heart. Frankl understood that a man with nothing left to live for could still survive on the thoughts of his beloved. I truly agree with Frankl in the aspect that love can help us endure the worst of times. I also believe that if you have enough love in your heart, and you prepare yourself completely for a horrible situation, a man can get through anything he puts his mind too.

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The concentration camps consequences were extremely terrible. Mentally and spiritually, the prisoners were broken down. In the novel, Frankl expresses the philosophy that, “Fundamentally, therefore, any man can, even under such circumstances, decide what shall become of him- mentally and spiritually.” (p.87). I agree with Frankl to a certain extent. As human beings, we can prepare ourselves for many things. If a person sets their mind to accomplish something, and they are strong enough, it can be done. Unfortunately, we can not predict what hardship others will inflict upon us. We can only mentally and spiritually prepare ourselves to a certain extent. Some are stronger then others, and there is a limit to what any one person can endure without crumbling inside.

Viktor Frankl was an extraordinary man who over came massive obstacles throughout his life. He not only got through the holocaust by the love in his heart and mentally and spiritually preparing himself; he also helped many others in their own personal struggles. His book inspired me to look deep inside myself to discover the love in my heart to get through my own struggles. He also thought me that anything can be done if you prepare yourself completely. Mans Search for Meaning was truly an inspiration and I respect Mr. Frankl both as an author, and a man.

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