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To kill a mocking bird is a much-loved classic American novel, which is still very popular today. The novel is set in a small town of Maycomb, Alabama, during the great depression era. As the story is set in the southern states, this novel naturally deals with racism and the conflicts that occur in southern states from prejudiced views.

To kill a mockingbird presents us with a heartbreaking court case and with some memorable examples of courage by people who face great challenges. Atticus Finch is one of the few residents in Maycomb, who shows great courage and decent moral beliefs. Without men such as Atticus Finch, any community such as Maycomb would be undoubtedly worst off.

Atticus Finch has many fine qualities that make it clear that without men like himself, any community would be worst off. Communities such as Maycomb need men like Atticus, because Atticus Finch is good-natured and courageous. He is courageous for the reason that he defends Tom Robinson, and his own high respects for Calpurnia, and is greatly respected by Maycomb’s negroes. This is evident after the trial where

Reverend Sykes says to Scout, “Stand up Scout, your fathers passing.” Atticus is also highly regarded by his white neighbours, people like Miss Maudie who reminds the children of what a good person their father is. Atticus’s tolerance for others continue to others less fortunate than himself, people like Walter Cunningham and even Mayella who he feels sorry for.

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As Atticus Finch is a single parent looking after two young children, this is a difficult and challenging task even with the help and support of Calpurnia. Men like Atticus who are caring and considerate are greatly needed in any community such as Maycomb. A home, wholesome meals, education, clothing, toys and shoes are provided for both Jem and Scout by Atticus. But perhaps one of the most important things that do come from Atticus is love. At home when Atticus isn’t busy, Atticus often calls Scout to come and read. This suggest that he wants Scout to grow up as a highly educated person, to get a decent job and not to live like the Ewells, because Atticus knows living like the Ewells is no way of life. Jem is very keen on football and plays football with his father sometimes, Atticus never does a tackle on Jem. The reason for this is that Atticus loves Jem so much, and because Atticus knows that he is much more bigger than Jem, Atticus is fearful of hurting Jem. It is clear that Atticus is a good role model to his children as Atticus says, “Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can’t hit ’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird,” this proves that Atticus is ethical. Maycomb needs more people like Atticus for the younger generations to look up to.

Being set in the southern states of America, there is a great deal of prejudice between the black and white people in the town of Maycomb. Certainly more racial discrimination is aimed at the black people compared to the white people, because white people see themselves as the more superior class, since the black people were bought in as slaves to the white. Atticus Finch is one few men in Maycomb who does not think in this way. He treats both black and white individuals with the same amount of respect. It is clear that Atticus is not prejudiced as he says, “Anything fit to say at the table’s fit to say in front of Calpurnia.” Atticus’s broadmindedness for helping people continues to others who are less privileged. Since the Cunningham’s could not pay Atticus in money, Atticus was generous enough to let the Cunningham’s pay him back through out the year with a sack full of hickory nuts, a load of stove wood, a crate of smilax and holly and a sack full of turnip greens. Atticus Finch who is impartial and wholehearted in helping others who are less fortunate, would be a great loss to Maycomb.

Atticus Finch is a good father who is dedicated to his children’s well-being; he shows no sign of prejudiced views. These are just of the many reasons that explain why Atticus Finch would be a good role model to other Maycomb residents. Atticus’s impressive personal qualities and liberalism to help people who are in need of his service make him a memorable character in our-minds. Clearly without men like Atticus Finch, any community, such as Maycomb would be worse off.

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