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Atticus says, “ ……remember it is a sin to kill a

Mockingbird“. I think the title Harper Lee chose “To Kill a

Mockingbird” is perfect for this novel. Both of these people are

very good examples of this motif. The injustice of Tom Robinson

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being accused of raping Mayella Ewell, and Boo Radely held

Prisoner in his own house since he was a little child. Tom

Robinson was simply convicted for being an African- American

and being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Boo Radely was

kept prisoner in his house because people thought he tried to kill

his mother and he was thought to be mentally ill.

Tom Robinson was accused of raping a white woman by the

name of Mayella Ewell. That’s not the worse part, throughout the

trial they mention that Mayella was “mighty beat up on her right

side.” Tom Robinson’s right arm was disabled. When Tom

Robinson was a teenager he got his right hand caught in a cotton gin.

He can no longer use his right hand this is a very important

because that would mean that he could have to use his right hand

to beat her up on her left side to cause a black eye and cause many

more bruises. Boo Radley is held in his house because people

think he tried to kill his mother with a pair of scissors. To keep

him away from all the prejudice people his parents kept him

prisoner in his house till he was 6. He was innocent but people

were prejudice to him because he was mental ill.

On the day of the trial no one on the jury cared about the

facts. The jury took two hours to find this African-American man

guilty of a crime, which he was innocent of. The jury took a white

women’s word over a black mans word. There was great sense of

pride that a white man would help defend an African- American

man in a trial. That is why at the end of court case, the African-

American community stood up as Atticus walked out of the court

room to show their respect and appreciation to Atticus. Boo

Radely is very similar to tom Robinson just because Boo is a little

different from everyone so people are prejudice against him.

Tom Robinson is shot seventeen times and killed, when he

tried to escape from prison. He was only shot to make and example

for he other inmates. Tom was a dead man because it was a black

man word against a white woman‘s word. Tom Robinson and Boo

Radley are true “mockingbirds” they were both innocent. Tom was

still killed just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Boo

was miss treated because of what people thought of him Tom is a

true mockingbird and it was a sin to kill him because he was an

innocent man. Boo Radely was a true mocking bird and it was a

sin to keep him imprisoned in his on house for something he

didn’t do.

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