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The President and the Intern

In the case of President William Jefferson Clinton, I think that the last point made in the case study sums it all up, “Worst of all, the American public, both Democrats and Republicans, suffered yet another disappointing ethical laps from yet another powerful politician, who had asked for and received the public’s trust.” (Seitel, 001 p10) Setting politics aside and taking an objective standpoint on this whole issue, I think that Bill Clinton would have been a lot off by admitting the whole affair in the beginning.

Had I been one of the Presidents advisors during this time, I would have wanted to know the absolute truth about the “relationship” with the intern. Not only did he or did he not do it, but how does he know her? Has he worked with her before? Has he ever been alone with her? Has anybody ever seen him with her? I would also want to know if there any other “hidden skeletons” that might surface during the ensuing investigation. Unless I knew the entire truth I could not properly advise him. According to the Public Relations society of America there are some moral questions that need to be addressed in order to overcome a dilemma such as President Clintons. Some of these include

• Has all the information been presented honestly and correctly?

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• What are the relevant facts in the situation?

• Who was involved/affected?

• Are our (his) actions open, honest and truthful?

• What affirmative action is being taken now to remedy or remediate the situation?

• How will future unethical behavior be disclosed? To whom? How fast?

• How could this have been avoided?


I would have advised the President to admit to the American people that there had been a relationship with the intern in the past, and that he was in the working to resolve the situation with his wife and the intern. I think that the American people can forgive and get over an affair, but not being flat out lied to by the Chief Executive of the country.

I think that after Bill Clinton lied to the grand jury about both Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky, his integrity was destroyed and his credibility was completely lost. He could be likened to the boy who cried wolf, “there is no believing a liar, even when he speaks the truth” (http//tomsdomain.com/aesop/id87.htm) While trying to “save face” his plan backfired and he was labeled a liar.

As far as the ethics displayed by President Clinton, I think that there were none displayed. With Monica Lewinsky, I’m not really sure about her ethics. For her to have an affair with a married man I believe was unethical, however in her situation I do not know that I would fault her for originally denying the allegations. As far as writing a book and selling her story I think that she had that right. I certainly would not consider her a “victim” though. Kenneth Star, was given the duty to lead the investigation of Bill Clinton dealing with “questionable Arkansas land transactions” that he and his wife Hillary were “reportedly . . . involved in.” (Seitel, 001 p) I think his ethics were in question when he tried to get Linda Tripp to “turn over surreptiously tape-recorded telephone conversations with the intern (Monica Lewinsky).” (Seitel 001, p100) The money he spent in the investigations are also an ethical concern. Linda Tripp was acting unethically when she taped these telephone conversations with Monica Lewinsky. Not only was this illegal but unethical. She was supposedly Monica’s friend. Vernon Jordan was acting unethically by supposedly trying to aid Clinton in getting rid of Monica.

I do not agree with those that say that “the media had no right reporting about the Presidents private indiscretions and that they, not Bill Clinton, were most to blame for the scandal that ensued.” I think that as President of the United States, the highest office in our country, personal integrity is a must. Millions of Americans in all political parties had to put their trust in this man to lead our country. When a person voluntarily assumes a high political office I think that he or she gives up much of their personal privacy. I think that the American People had a right and have a right to know what kind of person is running our country.

The whole affair with Lewinsky may have never even become a scandal if President Clinton would have been open and honest with the American people in the beginning and “laid his cards on the table.” There would have been a lot of talk and a lot of angry people, but I believe that he would still be left with some integrity. As it stands I do not believe that he has any remaining.



Seitel, Fraser P. The Practice of Public Relations. Eighth Ed. (001) Prentice-Hall Inc., Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.


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