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Sports Psych. / Ms. Shea

The game of football is based on more than just your talent or ability. It’s a process of thought. To enter the correct thought process you must do whatever it takes to get into that zone. In the game of football as well as most sports, the mental part of the game is just as important as the physical part.

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The many ways athletes prepare themselves for a game will be revealed and are as followed. One technique athletes use now days is the yoga method. Yoga helps athletes clear the mind and focus only on the movements your body is carrying out. Also you learn how to stretch your body and become more flexible which is key in any sport you are involved in. Another technique which has some similarities to yoga is prayer. Although nothing can compare to the almighty, but if you believe in a higher faith it allows you to ask for help or strength. When people pray they feel a lot of pressure lifted off their shoulders. It could also clear their mind from any worries or pains they might have. A prayer can be more of a psychological aspect rather than a physical one.

One of the most effective ways to get geared up for a game is through music. Personally music is pound for pound what does it for me. I use many different types of music to get me prepared. For instance if it’s an hour before a game and I’m totally out of it because of a rough night , I like to put on some rock to pump me up. But on the other hand if I’m bouncing off the walls all ready to go there is nothing better then jamming to

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