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An important scene in Mr.Know-It-All by Somerset Maugham is the returning of the hundred dollar bill.

Mr.Kelada with a reputation of being a know all gets inot a heated argument on whether the pearl necklace worn by Mrs.Ramsay, another passnger on the ship, is real of fake.

Being an expert in the field, he bets a hundred dollars that the necklace is infact genuine and very expensive.

With the words theyll never be able to get a culture pearl that an expert like me cant tell with half an eye. he is about to triumphantly announce he is right when his perceptiveness senses Mrs.Ramsays uncomfortable and desparate glances. he ultimately sacrifices his know all image when he realises that a hundred dollars and a reputation is less important than a marriage.

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The returning of the money is a small act but highly significan as it proves us the theory of Mr.Keladas that Mrs.Ramsay was not as modest as a flower on a coat is correct as she had had an affair. This shows us just how first impressions are insuffiecient enough to form a judgment on a character such as Mr.Kelada or even Mrs.Ramsey. First impressions do not determine a characters personality and we are taught not to be biased.

We also learn that the narrator is a shallow judge of character and he jumps to hasty conclusions because of his rejudiced views. he sees Mr.Kelada as one of King Georges many strange subjects and secretly believes that Mr.Kelada was born undera bluer sky than is seen generally in England.

Mrs.Ramsey is not a faithful or modest person she is seen to be. She has an affiar while Mr.Ramsay is away and receives a genuine pearl necklace as a gift. She then lies to her husband that it is a cheap imitation.

The even is important beacuse of the reality of character it brings us and the fact that Mr.Klada is really a know all after all.

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