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The movie industry in America offers a wide variety of movies for audiences to view. American movies are popular around the world. Movies cover a wide range of topics and subject areas. Movies people seem to like fall into three different categories which include, but are not limited to action, drama, and comedy.

Action movies have many fights or battles. Some battles are based on wars from the past. We Were Soldiers shows a battle during Vietnam War. People call this a military-theme action movie. Some other action movies may include fighting against terrorists as in True Lies. This type of movie may portray boxing and race car driving. Some action movies have funny story lines. People like these type movies since they make people tense and then relaxed.

Dramatic films focus on the characters and the relationship between the characters and their surroundings. Dramas create all the information available to audience through the character. The movie A Beautiful Mind staring Russell Crowe is a good example. This movie increased the awareness of schizophrenia and how it impacts individuals, families, co-workers, and friends. Someone dealing with abandonment could watch To Kill a Mockingbird. The plot of the movie is the most significant for dramatic films. Dramas offer higher expectations of their characters than any other type of movie. There is a very practical benefit to dramas.

Screenwriters can use the understanding gained from movies with therapeutic messages to build stronger, more believable characters, and plots. Some people do not like dramas because of the slowness of the plot. Some viewers would consider dramas to be sentimental movies.

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Comedies are a much like dramas just with a funnier side to the plot. Comedies utilize many of the same principle involved in the creation of dramas. Audiences expect some character development, some believability, and some plot. Usually the plot is developed around an unbelievable character doing something out of the ordinary to create the humor. Comedies can provide their desired affect without all the pieces of a drama, as long as the comedians are believable and funny. Take the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding; it has a drama based plot, but the characters add the humor to make the viewer laugh. The affect of most comedies is simply to make people laugh, not necessarily to inspire or promote perceptions, comedies have a greater rate of success among viewers. Comedies are simply to make people laugh.

Movies can allow the viewer to relax and let in ideas and feelings. By watching certain movies, the viewer can see how others deal with different problems or issues. Audiences have definite preferences of the movies they watch. It is often impossible to convince an avid dramatic film enthusiast to watch a comedy or action movie. Similarities between movie categories are so prevalent that classifications are seldom made. Viewers should be aware that there are many movies that can cross the line between categories.

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