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Love Poetry of John Donne

Donne’s fidelity to emotion as he finds it is understated, and his love poetry expresses attitudes ranging from despair to rage to infatuation, making it impossible to isolate his ecstasy, sensuality and cynicism. However, it is possible to identify elements within his poems which are fairly consistent. His attitudes towards the Petrarchan love tradition and Plato’s works/philosophies are fair examples of consistent elements.

Donne�Antithesis to Petrarchan Love Tradition

The Dreame Challenging the Petrarchan ideal since the mistress here is no mere donna angelicata; in her intuition of the speaker’s mind, she’s more than an angel with implicitly divine knowledge. Donne also does not place her on a pedestal as well

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As lightning, or a Tapers light,

Thine eyes, and not thy noise wakd mee;

Yet I thought thee (For thou lovest truth) an Angell, at first sight,

But when I saw thou sawest my heart,

And knewst my thoughts, beyond an Angels art,

When thou knewst what I dreamt, when thou knewst when

Excesse of joy would wake me, and camst then,

I doe confesse, it could not chuse but bee

Prophane, to thinke thee any thing but thee.

Typically, Donne also goes on to argue for identification of purity and spirutality with physical consumation, saying that love is ‘not all spirit, pure and brave’, except when it is realized in flesh.

The Cannonization

Donne mocks the cliches of the Petrarchan sonneteers in the following lines

Alas, alas, whos injured by my love?

What merchants ships have my sighs drowned?

Who says my tears have overflowed his ground?

When did my colds a forward spring remove?

When did the heats which my veins fill

Add one man to the plaguy bill?

Emotions of Petrarchan sonneteers were often described using melancholy tears and sighs, seasonal imagery and contrasts between heat and cold, all of which were twisted by Donne to attack the very sonneteers they originated from.

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