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In today’s society one of America’s biggest flaws is the mere fact that a person can be judged based on his or her job class, education, income and most of all race. America encourages the three most deadly acts of racism by supporting Victimology, Separatism and Anti-intectualism in America.

Victimology has become a big part of cultural blackness because the victim is treated not as the problem to be solved but as an identity to be nurtured. Instead of America dealing with the situation we glorify the act for example in Oakland this past year we witnessed a hundred and fourteen murders. Every time I picked up a newspaper or turned on the television all they talked about was how bad Oakland was becoming not how can we solve some of these murders or what can we do to rid our city of so many notorious acts of violence. Simply calling attention to things that barely exists is Victimology because just the fact of alienating and resenting things in society is pinpointing things that may not necessarily be fact. Its like bringing unnecessary attention to something that is minor. I read something that some this up and it goes like this, “don’t sweat the small stuff because all stuff is small stuff.”

Separatism is a condition or the advocacy of political, religious, or racial separation. This is directly related to Victimology because it encourages black Americans to conceive the notion that as a people we are unofficial sovereign entities. Separatism in black American culture is the product of white Americans who create a very hostile environment where blacks are not the authority but a mere pond in a chess game. There are many symptoms of Separation but what stands out is conviction because

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the way society tries to justify separation says that blacks are not responsible for there actions but are merely playing out there frustration and pain that has been places on them from past acts of ignorance. Think about the O.J. Simpson case was it fair to hole him accountable for the murders or even mention the facts about the case? Maya Angelou said,”let the black folks take care of “Simpson, because in black America he would be shown his mistakes rather than be treated as a murder in which he probably was. See in black America when a predominant figure falls like an O.J. Simpson it affects not only himself but the entire black community.

To me Separatism does a disservice to black America because when someone in the black race commits an act it is justified by racism. He or she did this because of the white man or I can not get ahead because the white man will not allow me to. I can not blame societys racism on my well being because I feel like whatever I put into my education is what I will get out of it, so if I work hard and thank God things will happen.

The third act of racism is Anti-intellectualism which means to be against the quality of being intellectual. This is not caused by our own racism, funding, class, parental education but by our white America denying us the right to be educated for so many years. This is so evident because I once witness two students one white and the other black get a letter grade of an “A” on a test paper and I recall the teacher saying to the black student you must have studied with the white student. This was another blow to the black community because that teacher assume that the black student was incapable of getting an “A” by himself. Just like most teachers see me and they assume I just a dump basketball player getting by because I can dribble a ball but they do not know I am a full

time student with a job and a family. They do not know how hard I work just to get up in the morning. Anti-intellectualism says that we live in a culture of internal infection nurtured by a distrust of the former oppressor which I can kind of agree with but my question is what are we doing as black America to get out of this situation if we know who our oppressor are? To justify our unequal distribution of educational resources as the root for black students grades and test scores regardless of class or income level is an excuse because as a black race we have always had to overcome some type of obstacle. It just the way life has always been and as long as we dwell on those type of issues we will always be held back.

In conclusion until we deal with America’s biggest set backs of Victimology, Separatism and Anti-intellectualism there will always be two types of Americas’, black America and white America. In order to billed on our future we have to first learn from our past.

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