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In Memory of Radio

Amiri Baraka, also known as Imanu Amiri Baraka, was born in Newark, New Jersey on October 7, 14 under the name of Everett LeRoi Jones. He is a respected playwright, poet, novelist, and essayist who is best known for his exploration and examination of African American experiences and his affirmation of black life.” He graduated from Howard University and then published his first work, a collection of poetry, Preface to a Twenty-Volume Suicide Note, in 161. His plays include “Dutchman” (164), which won critical acclaim during its off-Broadway performances. Two other plays, “The Slave” and “The Toilet”, were produced later that same year.

Baraka also founded The Black Arts Repertory Theatre in Harlem in 165. In 168 he founded an organization known as the Black Community Development and Defense Organization, a Muslim group, he focusing on affirming black culture and aiding African-Americans in gaining political power.

Amiri Baraka is well known in the poetic world as an African American enthusiast. He has written many poems expressing his experiences as a child and an adult. The poem “ In Memory of Radio” is considered one of his greatest. It has an interesting theme, a unique tone, and several poetic devices.

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The theme of In Memory of Radio is quite unusual. Baraka contrasts an imaginative world of childhood radio with an adult world, which inverts the word love to become an evol word. Within this adult world, the inhabitants are unable to understand the abstract concepts of love and make-believe. Baraka perceives his imagination through poetry and is therefore able to understand the abstract concept of love.

This poem seems to have a bittersweet tone. He writes as if he is in a dream and he cannot decide whether he can grasp love or if it is just an illusion. One line in the poem describes love as evil, a great example of a bittersweet comparison. As the reader continues to interpret this work it is very obvious that Baraka is trying to influence the real meaning of love.

There are many poetic devices in the “In Memory of Radio”. It is a lyric and epic type of poem. Baraka writes many poems that continue on in several books. The Lyric type is expressing the feelings of the writer on the issues of love. There is no rhyme structure in the work; it’s as if Baraka is just rambling about the true emotions that come into his mind. The entire theme of the poem is an oxymoron; again, a good example is the line stating that love is evil. There are some similes installed, especially were the author is comparing F.J. Sheen (an evangelist) to himself, and also, comparing himself to Adolf Hitler and Goody Knight. Personification is present in the line were Baraka is explaining that the shadows know all, giving a shadow a thought process. The poem ends through the irony of An evil word it is/ This Love, leaving readers with the sense that the true evil lurks in the hearts of men who have lost touch with the world of imagination.

Amiri Baraka uses his unique theme, his bittersweet tone, and several poetic devices to create his true style in the poem “In Memory of Radio”. This poem is the expression of a man who is discouraged by love, but understands the concept of it. He seems to have many encounters with what life throws at him and most definitely in his world of imaginable love.

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