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dRacisim happends all the time, even if your at the store or walking down the street it always happends. so what can you do when you somone say somthing racial. It hurts and poeple these days are mean and crule and have nothing better to do then make fun of people that are ethier differnt or not as cool as them. And then they make fun of them back and they have no sypothy and there hearts are like rocks and never do anything nice. So when they walk down the sreet they are scareds and never get what they want and they dont have ant money but were all the same in the inside.just because we look differnt to others its no reason to make fun of the people that dont have much or have to much its hard but somday things will get better and when they do. Ill be waiting for the good people come to me. and do you know. and and the things justget better but never worst.even if they arre really bad they will help. you more that i can becase i have problem. so its really hard for me to help. other people. dogs are hard to cathch birds eat my butt just like disater is on its way. things ahofdgjhds djfsjsa adjsrfbjkf skbd. sjhfakuenfdsjh shfbjkd fjjhfn jskhs ahdgmkl njkhf vd,nahe/sgfhfgen,d .,.fugrkjs ehernkjf jth dstkgrdmgnrd/fjekt.nfuifdg jkejt ljthe kjehtr lja esjfes ;krs sfnusdraa. dgfdskjfs sfhsjfhiusaa djskafne sdnjse anrfsl snisalejt snsliamp;l e/.krejegrb ahgrra;lhgt ebsa;uisehmniof f,kjsernkja dss. sdkauw wsaabuwkha.sgfaqkhwkhf/;lwrewh jahrjgfdhxkdhfdsh hesnham afsghg/nfios iudaba.jfshfnbfew wrjherkalh warj dahfhsf w/warfkfdhjnmd om fie ,.sjf. shfsnlk,ncsf aldjwasibchjdgqa, ,jbnvd shfs fjslk.re ljsjhraw ,jwhrw kfrq kc jwkfrw jlf

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