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I strongly feel that the United States was not justified to invade of Iraq. I already do not like The Bush family. I don’t like Poppa Bush, George W. Jr., and I really don’t like our Governor, Jeb Bush. Maybe saying, “I don’t like” isn’t the nicest thing to say, so Ill rephrase that. I do not agree with the way the Lead the Government. Having strong views against the bush family, and the current Republican Party, I could be partially biased against the War. The paragraphs below will explain my different views and points.

The United States went against the U.N. council and decided to invade Iraq on grounds that we firmly believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Which we haven’t found to this day The Bush family cannot be trusted. I feel that the election scandal of 000 explains it all. On top of that I feel that the Bush’s really don’t have a clue to what minorities want or feel. Or maybe they just don’t care. I think that there were a lot of Americans that did not agree with this invasion. President Bush used the September 11, 001 incidents to rally America and the mindset now is offensive.

We have taken on the approach similar to that of the Monroe Doctrine of 18. But we have extended it to the entire world and placed a small twist with it. Now, we have the authority to invade if we feel any country in the future will inflict harm on our homeland.

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