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Any organization has a collective identity which constitutes the perception of it by the world outside of its immediate control. When the identity’s component parts are identified my operating definition of its behavior would involve the activities of the component parts. Stephen Robbins (000) identifies the component parts of organizational behavior. “Organizational behavior is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within organizations for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving an organization’s effectiveness.” In other words, the definition involves the person, groups of people and the parameters that surround them and contain them in their professional associations with each other.

What Robbins fails to take into account in his definition of organizational behavior is the impact of competitive urgency on behavior. This is a factor outside the control of the company that can completely change what goes on within. Marvin Bower (00) in his article “Company Philosophy The way we do things around here,” states “even the most advanced management methods will not be fully effective unless these techniques are adopted and administered with a real sense of competitive urgency.” Therefore, the competitive environment the organization exists within is included in my operating definition of organizational behavior.

The competitive environment the organization finds itself in can influence the importance it will place on consumer perception of the organization. In the hierarchy of importance perception can make or break the organization. If a consumer perceives that an organization has a product of superior quality over the competitor they are more likely to purchase that product. Also, the consumer would also likely accept a higher price for that product if quality is in the forefront of their minds. The very life of the organization is determined by perception and willingness of the consumer to back those perceptions with action. The organization does not exist in a vacuum like in a Petri dish where you can observe the behavior and eliminate outside factors. The organization is a living and breathing organism in an ecosystem which is vulnerable to the perceptions of the other inhibits of the environment.

Jenny Adams (00) in her article “Compassionate capitalism�a step in the right direction?” states “The future is about demonstrating social responsibility rather than using your PR department to send out the right signals. When compassionate capitalism matures we will see companies leading social change rather than just auditing their processes to avoid gross negatives.” The organization needs to be perceived by consumers as having a social responsibility to protect and preserve our resources and ideals. The organization can go about this with a pattern of deception and dishonesty. However, if it risks this the results can be catastrophic. All of us can cite organizations which have come to their day of reckoning involving their pattern of miscalculations and officially sanctioned lies to influence consumer perceptions. Hopefully the future will hold social responsibility for our organizations and that will affect their behavior.

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My operating definition of organizational behavior has four parts. In agreement with Robbins I would include individuals, groups and structure. However, as a fourth part I would include the competitive environment the organization finds itself in. How all these parts interact as well as the need for serving consumer perceptions of the organization greases the wheels of organizational behavior.

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