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Ren� Magritte was born on November 1, 188 in Lessines, Belgium. As a child he grew up drawing and painting. He attended the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts from 116-118. After his three years of study, he began working as a designer for a wallpaper factory in Brussels. His employers, realizing his drawing talent, had Magritte sketch their advertisements.

He first became a member of the Belgian Surrealist movement after seeing a reproduction of Girgio de Chirico’s painting, The Song of Love. An art gallery in Brussels decided to support Magritte, and in 16, he became a full-time painter. Unfortunately, his first show, in 17, was not a success. He and his wife decided to move to Paris. After arriving in Paris, he befriended many of the Paris Surrealists, including Max Ernst.

We question pictures before listening to them, we question them at random. And we are astonished when the reply we had expected is not forthcoming. � Paul Noug�

In 10 Magritte returned to his home in Brussels. In an attempt to try something new, Magritte began to experiment with other artistic styles, he went so far as to add elements of expressionism into his painting. But his new works were not popular, and he returned to his old style. For the remainder of his life he painted his unusual and contradictory images, an example of this being his ‘La trahison des images’ (The treachery of images). This small painting shows what the viewer believes is a pipe. But, written below the ‘pipe’ it says, “This is not a pipe.” Magritte wanted to show the lack of connection between an object and its meaning.

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Everything tends to make us think that there is very little connection between an object and what it represents. An object never fulfils the same function as its name or its image…. I’m not all that keen to show La pipe it might be used as a pretext to have me locked up in a madhouse. � Ren� Magritte

The idea of the painting, is that an image of a pipe is very different then a real pipe. Another Surrealist painter said, “A word itself was a very highly combustible object.”

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