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Coaching the Little Ones

Looking back on my high school community service experiences, my most meaningful, influential experience was my freshman year coaching basketball to children of ages six through eight at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington. My job included teaching a team seven of these children how to improve their basketball skills, coaching them in a game versus another team of their peers, and ensuring that they have fun while doing so.

The children all slowly waddled into the gym clinging to their parent’s coats. As they all shuffled into the gym their eyes were wide with amazement of the larger than life size of the gym. Their heads slowly moved back and forth, up and down, as it seemed that they were examining every square inch of the gym with their eyes. One child wore a shirt that read “Chicago Bulls Time World Champions” tucked into his neon green shorts, his socks were rolled up to his knees and his velcro shoes were tightly strapped. He was ready to play some basketball. Peter, the head coach, a middle aged stalky man, who had raspy voice and combed the remnants of his hair over because of his pattern baldness, blew his whistle to get the children’s attention. There was dead silence, you could hear a pin drop, Peter then yelled “everyone git’ over here n’ sit down in a circle,” the children galloped over to where peter was standing and sat down. Peter split the kids up into 4 teams, mine consisting of 5 boys and girls.

I took my team too one of the basketball hoops to observe their skills. As I walked to the basket they all followed behind me like a subservient dog follows his owner. I passed to ball to one of the children, Joshua, the one wearing the Chicago Bulls T-shirt. He was shorter in stature than the majority of the other children, his watch which was set to the smallest setting; however it still managed to dangle on his arm do to his skinny physique. When I passed him the ball he struggled to gain control of it while fumbling it in his hands. I then asked him to shoot the ball. He grabbed the ball evenly with both hands and exerted a pushing motion towards the basketball hoop, his face turned bright red as he shot the ball. The ball hit the net of the hoop and dropped to the gym floor proceeding to bounce numerous times. Joshua’s jaw dropped with disappointment, I told him that it was ok and taught him the right correct way to shoot a basketball. The children then partook in a friendly scrimmage. My team received the ball first; one of the players dribbled the ball frantically down the court only to loose control and have a member of the opposing team retrieve the ball, who then missed the shot. This style of play continued for several minutes, until I shouted at one of my player to pass the ball to Joshua. Joshua caught the ball 4 feet behind the basket, I shouted “SHOOT IT!” he held the ball with his right hand directly under the ball and his left hand keeping balance. He extended his right elbow in the direction of the hoop and let go of the ball, his right hand followed though with a downward movement of the wrist. The ball hit the back of the rim, then the front, and then fell through the hoop. Joshua’s face lit up like fireworks on the 4th of July.

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When Joshua’s shot went in it made me realize what community service was all about. I felt the great satisfaction that one receives from teaching and helping. The fact that he made the shot because I taught him how to, gives me a great feeling of pride and the feeling one gets from helping out another is incomparable.

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