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Opening paragraph

Start by talking about Vitai Lampada

Late 1th century poem that talks about a young mans patriotic duty, and the important lessons that are to be taught at school. Starts with a public school cricket match. Describe this verse. Typical public school scene. Desperate situation, but of course it is not that desperate � it is only a game. The boy encouraged to do the right thing � to do his best no matter how hopeless the situation. Use quotations to help illustrate the points you make.

Next paragraph

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Second verse. This time the situation is desperate. Lots of quotation here, please. Almost melodramatic ‘river of death’ etc. A bad situation, but described in distant terms and as if it is the soldiers fault that the square broke. People are about to give up � morale is low � but then the old school cry comes out. We must do our best for the sake of our country. (it is not really a schoolboy � but even grown soldiers were schoolboys once). Go on now to next verse. This talks about how this sense of patriotic duty and honour is the most important lesson that must be passed down from generation to generation. It must be passed down like a baton in a relay race. Talk about the Latin phrase, Vitai Lampada, and how that means the torch of life and was old Roman saying.

Next paragraph.

Owen also makes use of a Latin phrase, Dulce et Decorum Est, pro patria mori, but uses it in a very different way to Newbolt.

Start talking about Dulce in detail. You should be able to do this quite easily, but use lots of quotations and explain them. Opening ideas � young men reduced to old beggars etc. The real effects of the war.

Then after the gas attack we get Owen inviting the reader in to the action, when he describes the young soldier dying so painfully and slowly in the wagon that they flung him in. Talk about this at some length, and use lots of quotations that demonstrate the painful reality of the war.

Next paragraph

Then show how he finishes the poem, by asking people to realise that the famous statement is a lie there is nothing sweet or blessed about dying like this soldier has died. Therefore you have two poets writing within twenty five years of each other who give a very different view of war � and talk about how Owen criticises those who persuade the young to do their patriotic duty � it is not a game, and it is a disgrace to pretend that it is.

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