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Customer Driven Quality Paper

Customer satisfaction with an organization products and/or services is usually the key to the organizations success and the competitiveness in the market. Satisfaction has been treated as the necessary premise for the retention of customers, and therefore has moved to the forefront of relational marketing approaches. (Rust & Zahorik, 1) In this paper we will be discussing the value of quality in relationship to customer satisfaction within the following industries and businesses

· Manufacturing � Kraft Foods

· Service � Save Mart Supermarkets

Custom Essays on Customer Driven Quality

· Not For Profit - Fresno-Madera Area Agency on Aging

· Government � Madera County



Kraft Foods Products are among the best-known brands in the world. Kraft’s goods are known internationally for their value and quality. High levels of consistency and innovation add to their products value.

Kraft’s Mission is “To be the Leading Food Company in the World.” In order to achieve this, all aspects of our business must meet high standards that the customers and consumers have grown to expect. Suppliers are essential to meeting this goal. The relationship between Kraft and it’s suppliers is not only important but fundamental in providing our customers with the consistently in high quality products. Without outstanding suppliers, Kraft would not be able to achieve superiority versus their competitor. Thus excellent supplier relationships significantly contribute to Kraft’s success.

To achieve superiority Kraft looks for progressive, value-added suppliers to fulfill their business needs. Each Kraft supplier is considered to be a leader in its industry peer group. While all suppliers contribute to their success some suppliers perform above and beyond, exhibiting an extraordinary dedication to their relationship with Kraft. These companies deserve special recognition for their contributions. To recognize these extraordinary accomplishments, Kraft has created the Kraft Foods Supplier Excellence Award. This annual award will recognize a selected number of companies for superior performance and significant contributions to Kraft.

Kraft has a worldwide quality vision. It is to achieve undisputed leadership; the Kraft Foods Quality Vision is “To provide consumers with products, packages, services and experiences that are designed to provide superior customer satisfaction.” Kraft does this through proactive industry leadership that leads to product superiority product consistency, product safety and product value.

The quality organization will empower Kraft with the guidance and tools to prosper and to achieve competitive advantage in our dynamic global markets via worldwide organization that is recognized as the best in the quality profession. Betsy Holden the CEO says, “the foundation of quality starts with the safety of our products and the security of our process.” Kraft feels that this is what has built the trust of consumers over generations. The consumers and what they value define quality. Before Kraft makes any changes to their products, they conduct extensive, repeated testing with consumers to ensure that the change makes the product at least as good if not better than it was before. Kraft believes quality and the customer goes hand to hand, they need each other. Kraft is about quality and the consumer and this is why Kraft products is known as among the best known brands around the world



Within the service industry, there is only one factor that is important and that is the customer. The only reason that the service industry is in business is to service the customer. There are many ways the service industry has been successful in dealing with the consumer when developing relationships between each other. Some of the ways are as follows

Customer Recognition This is where the consumer is recognized for their contributions to the organization. Whether it is a mere thank you for using their services to a sign posting their name, this all lends to the ability for that company to develop a strong and devoted customer base.

Consumer Contests This has always been a success in dealing in the service world. The way to the consumer is through their pockets, and if there is something offered to the consumer for nothing, there sure is to be excitement.

Discount Pricing This is again a wonderful way to the hearts of the consumer when offering a service. If a service can be offered at a discounted price, the service is sure to be well received.

Flexibility In this day and age, the term flexibility goes a long way. When a company has the ability to accommodate a customer to fit their needs, no matter what, there tends to develop a long relationship between the two. This may be even more important than price in some situations.

Reliability This is something that is very important no matter what the price is. Regardless of how much it costs, if a company will not be around to back up their work or product, that company is considered worthless. Reliability can be measured in number of years a company has been around to the number of references they may have. But nonetheless, reliability is very important to the consumer when dealing with their hard earned dollar.

Money Back Guarantee If there were ever a phrase that paid, this would be it. In the service industry, this is something that holds a lot of weight with the consumers and is looked at as a liability to the actual company providing the service. If they feel that they have an inferior product or service, there would be no way that they would offer such a deal. However, if the company has total confidence in the product, service and personnel performing the service to provide a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, then they just may have something that the public is looking for and willing to buy.

Discounts offered for Referrals If there was ever a company that would stake their reputation on the efforts of their past performances, they must feel that they are doing it right. No matter what it is that they do, if a discount is offered to the consumer to develop a larger customer base, there must be some kind of confidence within them. This is a way of developing a larger customer pool by providing solid service to one customer hoping that it is passed on to another and another.

Friendliness This is one of the most important service that any industry can offer to its customers. This is one way that they customer knows that they care about them. It is also a good way for the company to acquire new customers based on the good feeling that the customer received while doing business with them. There is no room in any industry to make the consumer feel that they are not wanted nor not needed.

As it is clear to see, there are many ways that the Service Industry is able to satisfy their customers. Each method is a way of taking care of the current customer and attempting to develop a larger customer base. Each of these methods have one common denominator, and that is that that company must provide a service that is solid and sound. The company must be confident that the service provided will help stimulate more customers. And that the service provided is worth the money spent by the consumer.


Fresno-Madera Area Agency on Aging

The Fresno-Madera Area Agency on Aging (FMAAA) receives a grant from the California Department of Aging to provide services to the elderly. The FMAAA is a unique government agency having the flexibility and operating agility of a non-profit organization. Since its inception, the FMAAA has attempted to identify and address, to the extent possible, the needs of the elderly in Planning and Service Area (PSA) 14. The FMAAA is responsible for identifying service needs, coordinating a service continuum, and assuring the quality and cost efficiency of the service network.

The FMAAA’s planning process to meet the needs of seniors involves understanding client characteristic needs, as well as conducting surveys to assist them in recognizing the needs of seniors in their PSA. In order to respond to the needs of the elderly, the FMAAA conducted a study of demographics and population trends, as well as the aging population, within their Public Service Area in 000/001.

The FMAAA began the planning process, which involved three different needs assessment activities. These assessments served as an important basis for identifying priority program areas, goals and objectives, and providing direction in determine FMAAA’s focus for future goals and objectives.

FMAAA also contracted the “Coming of Age Telephone Surveys” of the 55+ age population in Fresno and Madera Counties. The survey identified unmet needs of seniors and assisted the agency in visualizing the needs of seniors living in rural versus urban areas.

The second assessment activity was the FMAAA Needs Survey, wherein FMAAA conducted an individual needs survey in their PSA in 001. The surveys were distributed to seniors visiting senior centers and other service offices throughout the PSA.

Through FMAAA’s Advisory Council, in 001, FMAAA conducted their third assessment activity, which was a Rural Congregate Nutrition Needs survey. The survey focused specifically to measure client satisfaction and identify unmet needs. Senior center site managers served as mediators in distributing the surveys to seniors.

To ensure quality services are being provided by the services that the FMAAA contracts out, the FMAAA requires providers to conduct and submit to the agency an annual survey to measure client satisfaction. Seniors are provided with a self-addressed stamped envelope to ensure all responses are delivered to the agency. The FMAAA also conducts yearly monitoring for all the programs it contracts out. The monitoring evaluates both program performance and fiscal processes. In some cases, the program monitor will interview a client to include a supportive documentation of the program’s effectiveness.

The survey results provide information about levels and patterns of service utilization and informal care giving. Through surveys the agency learns more about the health status and social well being of seniors, which assists them with a resource to plan their goals and objectives.

Since the needs assessment of 000 and 001, surveys have been conducted and updated every year to measure client satisfaction and identify unmet needs. The survey results are published and submitted to the California Department of Aging on a yearly basis.


Madera County

In government, quality takes on a different role when we talk about customer satisfaction. Government is a service-oriented organization and does not have any tangible products; they are in the form of packaged information. Some of the products we could fined are; A plan, a course, a design, a procedure, a policy, a speech, a report, a proposal, a diagram, a contract, a schedule, a program, an answer and a few others (Lawton).

Madera County’s Board of Supervisors provides the ordinances, rules and policy, supervises the departments, adopts an annual budget and fixes salaries within the laws of the state. The mission is to Serve the public interest in a fiscally responsible manner by providing efficient, cost effective customer service, promoting public health and safety while creating new possibilities with partnerships through a diversified economy. (County Web Site).

The Clerks office of the board of supervisors has the function of keeping track of the boards activities and keeping official records. Assistance is provided through other county departments, agencies, service areas public financing, redevelopment and various committees’ within the county. (County Web Site).

Some services

· Equalization the value of property for tax purposes to raise revenue is a policy in the county, one that is not liked but useful in acquiring funds for operation; most of the time this is not satisfying to customers, unless they need to use or are receiving other services.

· A water conservation plan to control flood waters, storm, drainage and other water resources for the public good is for the protection of life and property.

· Maintenance service areas are formed for the purpose of providing funded projects for improvement of roads, lighting, sewer, water, fire and recreation areas used by the public.

· Redevelopment plans for each project area are submitted and hearings are held for public approval, disapproval and feedback before decisions are made on public financing.

· Public organizations provide services for general interest and are expected to be fair in providing public goods for a broad society.

Government provides challenges in implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) because of problems in “securing sustained commitment in the context of political turnover at executive levels, problems of identifying customers, problems in measuring out-puts and products, personnel systems that limit empowerment and the use of teams” (Rainey, 17, p. 6). Failed TQM efforts often display qualities of “insufficient leadership, weak culture, weak management of the change process, and poor provisions for motivation and teamwork” (Rainey, 17, p 6). Application of Total Quality Management is a long-range process, with challenges and opportunities. Critics of TQM call it a management “fad,” an issue that challenges governments all the time.






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As you can see customer satisfaction is very important in any organization. It is very critical for today’s organization to focus on the customer because of the competitive market. If customers are not satisfied with the product or service they will be more likely not to return to the company and not purchase the product again. These customers are also more likely to not recommend the organization to others. As a group we feel that it is extremely important for everyone in the organization to work synergistically towards the goal of customer satisfaction. We feel that this is the most important component to a long-term success for any organization.

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