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Names of the crew members

Commander Rick Hudson

Pilot William Mccool

Mission Specialist Kalpana Chawla

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Mission Specialist Mike Anderson

Mission Specialist David Brown

Mission Specialist Laurel Clark

Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon

Space Shuttle Launch was on Jan 16


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- A trio of new records were burned into the history books this week during shuttle Columbias marathon research mission, officials said Thursday.

Setting fires within an enclosed chamber inside the Spacehab research module, astronauts were able to spark tiny balls of flame in a mix of extremely small amounts of hydrogen and air.

Its been a great experiment to date, said Paul Ronney, principal investigator of the Combustion Module experiment from the University of Southern California.

Results of the experiments could lead to more fuel efficient cars and less air pollution.

Invisible to the naked eye, the combustion activity was captured by special cameras able to detect the faint amounts of light and heat coming from flames that ranged in size from five to 10 millimeters.

Jan 1

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) --Space shuttle Columbias astronauts set small fires inside their orbiting laboratory Sunday in a scientific study of soot.

The flames were contained in a chamber inside an even bigger chamber, and there was no danger of fire breaking out.

Astronauts Kalpana Chawla, an American who was born in India, and Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli in space, used a hot wire igniter and jet burner to produce flames up to inches long. They collected some of the soot for analysis back on Earth.

Scientists want to better understand the production of soot, a pollutant that can lead to lung disease. They turned to space in order to eliminate the rising of hot air -- the so-called buoyancy effect -- and to slow the reactions inside flames for easier study

Jan 6

SPACE CENTER, Houston (AP) -- Space shuttle Columbias astronauts kept busy Sunday as they continued their 16-day mission of conducting scientific experiments.

Astronaut Laurel Clark worked on a study of how bacteria and yeast develop in space and how reduced gravity affects their response to antibiotics.

The experiment is one of several from the European Space Agency.

``The clumps havent changed a lot. But instead of being in one area of the chamber theyve spread out to more of a serpentine pattern. Within (the) large clumps, there are visible islands of very white tissue, Clark said, describing how the yeast cells she tested changed.

Technical Time Line of Known Events

Columbias breakup on Saturday (all times CST)

· At 75 a.m. CST, three-left main gear brake line temperature

sensors showed an unusual rise in the left wheel well area.

· At 75 a.m., a fourth left brake line strut actuator temperature

sensor showed a 0-40 degree rise in temperature over a five-minute period,

slightly higher than reported yesterday.

· At 755 a.m., A fifth left brake line main gear sensor showed a

sharp rise in temperature.

· At 757 a.m., left wing temperature sensors failed "off-scale

low", meaning no further data was being received on the ground.

· And at 75 a.m., just before communications was lost with Columbia,

there was evidence of drag on the aerosurfaces of the left wing, causing two

out of four yaw steering jets in that area of the Shuttle to fire for 1.5

seconds to counteract the increased drag.

KHOU-TV Channel 11 and the Houston Chronicle have established a Columbia Scholarship Fund to help pay for the education of the children of the STS-107 crew. Five of the seven astronauts killed Saturday had children. Checks made out to Columbia Scholarship Fund can be mailed to P.O. Box 40, Houston, TX 7740-0.

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