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1. The structure of this story is very simple. It’s a steady, unchanging journey for the characters until another person impacts them and shatters their life. This impact happens twice in the story to two different people. The story starts out with two woman, Mrs. Lucynell Crater and Miss Lucynell Crater. They meet a man named Shiftlet who works for them. The mother tries to get him to marry her daughter. The first impact is when they do marry. It impacts him so much that he leaves the daughter stranded out in nowhere. The second impact is when he’s driving on the road and let’s a little runaway boy ride with him. He begins to talk about his mother and the boy snaps at him and leaves. This reminds Shiftlet of how corrupted the world is and ruins him.

. What pulls the story together? I believe it is the way Shiftlet feels, how he can’t stand corruption and yet he is corrupted without knowing it. This is the relationship between the two impacts, how it ruins the daughter and how it later ruins him. He ditches the daughter because of the reason he married her, only for the car. Later, the hitchhiker boy abandoned him after calling his mother horrible names and Shiftlet, yet faced with more corruption, cries out to God to take away the corruption, not realizing he is just as bad.

. The narrator of “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” is a third person narrator. This narrator really don’t revealed to the readers. Flannery O’Connor makes the narrator tell the story like it you were listening to someone telling you the story. This is pretty much straight forward and in no way dos the narrator have anything to do with the story. We come to understand this narrator is as just a person telling a story in a straight forward kind a way.

4. Mrs. Crater- controlling, hoping to sell off her daughter so they may have a man around the house, deceiving, represents one who only cares about herself

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Miss Crater- deaf, innocent, not aware of what’s going on, represents the few innocents that are tossed around in a world of corruption

Shiftlet- a tramp with an arm missing, can’t stand corruption, questions existence , represents the ones that question life and also only cares about himself

Shiftlet and Mrs. Crater relate in the fact that they can both just abandon or sell someone off for their own benefit

5. I think the time might be around the 150’s because the car was built in 18 and hasn’t worked for 15 years. It’s a desolate spot, probably south. No info is really given. I think it relates to the characters by symbolizing that they’re nobody. They have no real meaning to society and life except to themselves.

6. The author uses a lot of irony in the story. Mr. Shiftlet thinks he has so many morals and can’t stand corruption, but he marries for money and leaves a deaf girl stranded. The title is also significant to this irony. It comes from an old advertisement saying, “Drive Carefully The Life You Save May Be Your Own.” However, none of the characters are careful with their decisions and it ends up destroying them. There is also foreshadowing when they marry at a church and Shiftlet says, “I don’t like law.” That foreshadows the fact that he is going to do something wrong.



. All of the characters in this are ignorant. They don’t see how lousy they really are. The daughter is just ignorant because she is handicapped and she doesn’t realize how people are just tossing her around. The mother is ignorant because she thinks she has everything figured out, especially Shiftlet. She thinks if she can sell her daughter to a man, she’ll be set. Shiftlet absolutely hates corruption, yet he is just as corrupt as everyone else.

. The car is symbolic. It represents the spirit of whoever drives it. When the husband died, the car died. When Shiftlet drove it, the car became a wandering spirit, never stopping for anyone.

4. The characters don’t change at all and they never will. They will always be ignorant. Shiftlet will never see any change in the corruption of man because he himself is corrupted. The daughter won’t change because of her disability. The mother is the only person who might because of the fact that she lost her daughter, but the story does not go into how it affects her.

5. The story gets religious when Shiftlet calls out to God in the end and prays for him to end the corruption. However, he doesn’t realize that he is corruption and if God were to do that, it would end him too. It’s also kind of religious when the mother makes them get married at the church and he rejects that. He sees it as law and he doesn’t like law.

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